Monday, November 30, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #30

Today for the grand finale of thanks, I want to express my gratitude to my Savior Jesus Christ. He suffered and died for me that I may repent of my sins so I may return to live with him again. I am so grateful for his life and living example which shows me the way to follow. I am so grateful for his love for me, he knows me, and he watches over me and cheers me on, and wraps his arms around me when I feel like no one else cares or really loves me. To my savior who has provided a way for me to return to him, a way to be with my family forever, a way to rid myself of the guilt and pain associated with sin. He is the beginning and the end, and I know that sometimes I can only see a small portion of the "big picture", but I trust him that he will lead and guide me in the direction that I need to go in order to end up with him.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #29

As this series of posts come to an end, I am struck by the many things I am grateful for that I have not been able to express. Today I am thankful for the many teacher in my life. Today at church I was spiritually nourished with two wonderfully prepared lessons. First was from my friend and co-hort in Young Women's, Laurel. She taught a wonderful lesson about education. It makes me so happy to see the looks on the girls faces when I can see that they "Get it". I love that they are so attentive and willing to learn and grow they really understood what Laurel was teaching. I then had the pleasure to go to Sunday school where Brother Muir gave a wonderful lesson about being a responsible citizen. It was very touching, considering a lot of people in our ward feel that our country is headed in the wrong direction, but are not doing or saying anything about it. I felt like he inspired several people into action, myself included. I love to learn from Brother Muir he truly teaches with the spirit. These are just a couple of examples from today. There are so many examples of teaching through out my life that I can't fully express my love to everyone. I hope that we will all remember the teachers in our lives, big and small

Saturday, November 28, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #28

Today I am thankful for the Christmas season that for me starts today. It is always the Saturday after Thanksgiving that we pull out all the Christmas decorations and start on a task that can take all day. I feel that spirit when I pull out the decorations and start to think about what lays before me. When I think of the reason's I have to celebrate this time of year, tears come to my eyes. The music, the cheer, the love that everyone seems to show for each other is so touching and loving. I reminds me that there are still people out there that care. So when you walk past a bell ringer or someone in need I hope that the spirit of the upcoming season will touch you to do something you might have not done before.

30 Days of Thanks #27

As I was thinking about writing last night I want to express the gratitude that I have that I am able to have the means to give so much. We went shopping yesterday morning with a million other people. I am grateful I was able to purchase so much for sub for Santa, I am bless to have all that I have, that allows me to give. I am so excited about the great deal that we got! I hope that it will make a brighter Christmas for those who are in need.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

30 Days of Thanks # 26

Today I am thankful good books. I just finished a book called "Remembering Isaac" by Ben Behunin. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am so happy that my aunt Janell recommend that I read it. So if any one is looking for an interesting and clean and entertaining book about the life of a potter, I highly recommend!

30 Days of Thanks #25

Yesterday I was grateful for pre-planning. I was able to get a head start on a lot of my baking for Thanksgiving which helped out in the long run. I made 2 pecan tarts and all the pie crust dough for my pies today! I was exhausted!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #24

So last night I was exhausted after my Young Women's activity, so forgive me for not posting this last night, but I am thankful for people's generosity. For our Young Men, Young Women's combined activity we had a food drive for people in our ward. We broke up into cars and started knocking on doors and collecting stuff that was already set out on porches. We piled 6 girls and 3 leaders into a SUV and started out. I was in the back part of the car with a couple girls when it immediately became apparent that we would not have enough room for the food. The first house we stopped at had set out, 3 cases of granola bars, a case of evaporated milk, and several other small boxes filled with canned goods. We stopped at every house on the street and received a donation from almost every house, including those on the street that were not members of our faith. It was wonderful to see the generosity of those around us. We then headed back the the church to sort the food and divide it up for 7 different families in our area. Each family will receive at least 3 huge boxes of food, in addition to 2 turkeys each, a bag of potatoes, frozen dinner rolls and lots of food for their pantry. I am so impressed with the people who donated that I wanted to express my gratitude to all those who are so generous through this trying holiday season. May the Lord bless each one of you in your own individual way!

Monday, November 23, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #23

Today I am grateful for my family. I have said before how I am thankful for my parents who love me regardless of the choices I make. I am thankful for brothers who protected me and who have shown me what a "Good Man" is suppose to do, or look like. They have set a standard of how to treat women and how to respect women that I have sought when looking for a guy. I am grateful for a wonderful and loving extended family that surrounds me, prays for me, fasts for me when I am sick, and loves me regardless of the choices I make and are not afraid to tell me how much they love me. Without these important key players in my life, my life would not be a life worth living. So to my family, near and far, those I see all the time, and those I only see on rare occasion, to those I seem to fall easily into conversation with and those that I struggle to know what to say and when, I love you. Everyone of you to the depth of my heart and the breath of my voice I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #22

Today I am thankful for the technology that we use everyday and that we take for granted. Take this blog for example 10 years ago, I don't think we had the technology to make it work as well as it does. The Internet connects people all over the world that before knew nothing of each other. I always think about this during conference weekend, and how people can watch conference by satellite, Internet, radio, t.v. and many other ways that were not always possible. I am grateful that every time I need to talk to my mom or Laurel or anyone, I can pick up the phone and talk to them even if I am driving or away from home or work. Email is another way that we can communicate with each other but not be within speaking distance.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yummy baking this last week

Smore brownies, they have become a family favorite. A brownie mix, some chocolate chips, some coconut, and marshmallows and you have a slice of heaven on earth!

On Sunday I made this awesome apple cake. I found the recipe on a baking website and I think it is a keeper!

30 Days of Thanks #21

Today I am grateful for weekends. I have been working a lot of hours at work and I am so thankful that I didn't have to get up at 4 am this morning, that I didn't have to worry about who was going to be a work and how we were going to get through the day. So today I am thankful I didn't have to go to work, that I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to do. The only thing I did today that I really didn't want to was to till the garden and that wasn't even too bad.

30 Days of Thanks #20

Today I am thankful for the opportunity I had to grow a garden this year. I worked really hard to prepare, plant, harvest and preserve the things that I grew. I just harvested the last of my garden with some late carrots. What a wonderful learning experience and and wonderful opportunity to build my families food storage.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #19

Today I am thankful for the spirit, aka the Holy Ghost. Weird things seem to happen when I get together with my partner in Young Womens, she thinks we need to stop places we don't have anything to stop by. So I have started to think it's really the spirit. We drove by this girls house Laurel thinking we needed to stop by, then we didn't have a reason so we moved on only to drive by the house again with Laurel thinking we needed to stop something at her house, but we didn't have anything for her, so when the Spirit talks, even in it's weird and cryptic ways, we should listen. I find when I listen a lot of the times nothing seems to change, but there are times when you find out how you changed someone else's life by a visit or a card or a "Hi, how are you doing?" So when he speaks listen, when he whispers stop telling you that it's all in your head and actually do what your head is telling you, you will be amazed by what will happen, in your own life and the lives of those you touch with out knowing it!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #18

Today I am thankful for a job. I am thankful that I know where my next pay check is coming from. I am thankful that I work for a company that has taken measures to remain stable and viable during this economic crisis. I saw managers look at numbers and find a way to cut costs without cutting jobs and service to our patients, all while allowing us to work the hours we were hired to. We receive a "Thank You" bonus in our paychecks this week, which I know will go to help those in need. I know I was wondering where I would come up for the money to do the sub for Santa stuff I normally do, and this the way it will happen. I am thankful for the fulfilment that I receive from my job, sometimes I complain about it and how things happen, but I am still grateful for the job that I have. There are so many out there that don't have a job and that have been without a job for quite some time, or are working 3 or 4 part time jobs trying to keep things going. My hats go off to you, and my prayers go out to you!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #17

Today I am thankful for the scriptures. I have tried to set a goal of reading them everyday, and have had a wonderful experience. This year so far I have read the Book Of Mormon, the D & C, and the Pearl of Great Price. I am currently reading the Old Testament and I am in the book of Kings and I am reading about King Solomon and he has just built his temple. Quite the feat from what I have read. I am reading the stories that I have just heard vague things about and it's exciting. I am also re-reading the Book of Mormon and I am almost done with it again. It amazes me how much it has impacted my life each time I have read it. There is so much in there that I still need to figure out that I don't think I will tire of reading it ever. I was very touched when at Young Women's in excellence one of our young women got up and talked about how she had read the Book of Mormon for the first time, and she talked about the impact it had had on her decision making and how it helped her. I felt the spirit bear testimony to me that she knows, when before I am not sure she did. I know how important read the scripture is, they can guide and direct your life in a way nothing else can.

Monday, November 16, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #16

Today I am thankful for the home that I live in. This morning when I woke up for work it was 18 degrees outside. I know that there are people that are living on the street in cardboard boxes, in cars, and in homeless shelters. I didn't have to worry if I would freeze overnight, or wonder if there would be room at the shelter for me to have a bed, or wonder where I would sleep. I am grateful for the home that my parents provide and that I have the opportunity to live in. My house as some of you know is pretty cold, my parents like to keep it that way to keep cost's down, but I am grateful for the roof over my head.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #15

Today as I was sitting in church and thinking about what to write today, what I was truly thankful for so many things entered my head. I feel so blessed and was overcome by the realization of my blessings. So today I am thankful for the priesthood. We use the priesthood all the time, every time I am in the Temple, every time we have a church meeting, every time someone is sick and needs a blessing. The power that the priesthood has is unimaginable. I think we forget what a huge part it plays in our lives until we "need" it. The fact that when we marry worth men, we get to share that power with our husbands. My father is such a great example of honoring his priesthood, he is always willing it give a blessing or even just do service for someone in need. I love that his example has given me a standard in which to measure young men against.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #14

Today I am thankful for uplifting music. I have started listening to my instrumental Christmas, winter, fall, Celtic music. It has really calmed me when I am driving and when I feel like I need to scream at someone, I just crank up the music. I started thinking about music composers of the old days, they must have been truly inspired because the music that they wrote is so amazing. I spoke with my mom about how they must have "heard the music" and then written it, considering that they did have access to all the instruments and the sounds like we do in our times. Truly inspiring, I wish I had an excuse to listen to it all the time.

Friday, November 13, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #13

Today I am thankful for the fall season. The season that has given me a reason to be thankful and has given me a chance to reflect and prepare for the Holiday season. The crisp fall air, the crunch of leaves under my feet, the smell of fire in the air from a neighbor's fireplace. The crisp tart flavor of a perfectly ripened apple, hot cocoa on a cool morning to warm you through the warm blast of air coming out of your car's vents. You can see my point and I love every minute of it. It will soon be gone and the snow will replace it.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

100 Things I want to do in my life 100th Post

100 Things that I still want to do in my life! In no particular order!
1. Get Married
2. Have kids (5 seems like a good #)
3. Travel to Israel and Egypt.
4. Take my dad on a week long fishing trip to some where exotic.
5. Travel to the place of my ancestors England, Scotland.
6. Become a pastry chef.
7. Take my mom on a trip around the world.
8. Get caught up on my scrap booking.
9. Lose the 30 pounds I have gained since being in Young Women's
10. Stop stressing about mean people.
11. Read the Bible (the whole thing)
12. Run a marathon
13. Start throwing pottery again.
14. Visit Japan
15. Stop being so hard on myself (like this will really happen, but I can always try).
16. Finally finish the Cross-stitch table runner that I have been working on for 5+ yrs.
17. Clean my room
18. Read all the books on my bookshelf.
19. Read more autobiography's
20. Blog with purpose.
21. Wear makeup (this is so scary for me)
22. Have a home of my own.
23. Pay off my credit card
24. Be more understanding of others (they may not have the passion about the things I think they should).
25. Listen to more uplifting music
26. Attend the temple more
27. Pray with more conviction
28. Visit China
29. Cruise the Caribbean
30. Learn how grow Calla Lilies in our climate.
31. Visit Paris France
32. Visit the sites of early LDS Church History.
33. Visit all 50 States.
34. Write in my journal more.
35. Learn to play the piano
36. Learn how to organize better
37. Visit Hawaii maybe a cruise?
38. Become a Foster parent
39. Do more service for others.
40. Find more joy in life.
41. Clean my car more often.
42. Visit Italy again, it can only be better the 2nd time.
43. Sleep more.
44. Stop feeling guilty for things that are out of my control.
45. Tell the people I love, I love them more often.
46. Write a family history.
47. Learn more from my grandparents.
48. Be more honest with myself.
49. Smile at all the people I meet (even when they are kind of scary).
50. Get glasses that have current prescription.
51. Get a massage
52. Visit Mexico and see the ancient ruins.
53. Learn a foreign language.
54. Learn to better deal with my anger (no more holding it inside until you explode).
55. Be a better friend.
56. Learn how to COOK (not bake, COOK).
57. Stand up for our Constitution.
58. Watch less TV.
59. Learn how to play golf (for real this time).
60. Document my life with a camera.
61. Grow a bigger garden and donate it to the food bank.
62. Read the "Great Books".
63. Learn how to do Interior Design (Laurel, you need to help with this).
64. Start playing the flute again.
65. Visit Africa and go on a safari.
66. Try a new kind of food
67. Keep my mouth shut (even when I feel the need to scream out loud and tell them what I think).
68. Make cards to give away as gifts.
69. Learn how to scuba dive.
70. Go Sky diving (Evets are you still up for this)?
71. Visit my family and friends that live out of state.
72. Visit the National Parks in our state (never have done this), don't laugh I am serious.
73. Make a life long impact on some one's life.
74. Read one of Dr Laura's books (I love listening to her).
75. Attend a Major League Baseball game.
76. See a real opera.
77. Go to the ballet.
78. Learn Morse code. (always wanted to learn how to do this)
79. Learn how to make a new dessert once a month.
80. Take a cake decorating class.
81. Visit Finland (the home of my dear friend Mia).
82. Get a dog (preferable a hunting dog, my dad can train and take hunting).
83. Learn how to make earrings. (a co-worker use to do this and the earrings she gave me are so cute)
84. Learn how to sew
85. Make a quilt.
86. Watch the classic movies.
87. Visit as many temples throughout the world as I can.
88. Listen better to the spirit and follow it's guidance.
89. Face more of my fears. (I am really getting better at this, once you face one of your fears, it seems easier to face more of them)
90. Get a pedicure.
91. Learn how to water color again.
92. Learn how to iron.
93. Learn how to take better pictures.
94. Open my own bakery. (where I sell handmade cards)
95. Learn how to shoot a gun.
96. Learn how to use EBay.
97. Learn how to knit.
98. Plant a strawberry and raspberry garden.
99. Clean out the garage.
100. Enjoy life more.
There are so many more things that I want to do, but as I accomplish parts on my list I will let you know! Here's to the next 100 post's!

Young Women in Excellence

Tuesday was our Young Women in Excellence program. We got to plan the wonderful and fun night so we made it exactly what we wanted it to be. It was super fun because of the slide shows that Lynn put together of the pictures from all of the activities that the girls were involved in through out the year. They are true examples of believers.
The girls sang a song call "Just One Little Light". Lynn is in front of them leading them.

A couple of my favorite girls Gerkia and Carley, love them so much!

The girls set-up tables with the projects that they have been working on through the year. This was McKayla's table, she is royalty in the rodeo!

Camille setting up her scrapbook stuff which was really cute.

The refreshments table was really cute and fun with yummy brownies, lemon bars, and pumpkin cookies.

Cathy and Ashlan checking out the other girls stuff.

30 Days of Thanks #12

With yesterday being Veterans Day. Today I am Thankful and Grateful for our veterans. Those brave men and women who serve our country to protect our freedom. Those who sacrificed all to uphold our Constitution. My thoughts turn to my grandpa Wood who served in the Air Force in the Korean War. A war that I know so little about, but that took so many lives. I never realized this until I visited the Korean War Memorial in Washington a couple of months ago. There are still 15,000 soldiers missing in action from the Korean War.

The Greatest Generation Ever also deserves our hats off. Without them we would not be the free country we are today. While walking around the WWII Memorial, I spotted a little old man walking around with a cane. He would move to a spot, standing there for several minutes and move again. When we walked by him I noticed he was wearing a WWII veteran ball cap. I wanted to go and thank him, but I didn't want to intrude on his experience. I am sure he was there thinking about what happened and those friends that he had lost. As we started to leave the memorial, he was walking out as well, I felt prompted by the spirit to again thank him. So I followed him and got his attention. When he turned around I told him, I just wanted to thank him for his service. We talked for just a few minutes and he then said something very profound. His said something the the extent of, "I am happy that you remember the reason why we still have our freedom. People of your generation don't seem to care or remember that we gave everything so that you can have something." I felt saddened by his comment, but the truth hurts when it is placed right in front of our face. My generation doesn't not know, and certainly does not remember the sacrifice that his generation has made so we can still have our freedom. This brave warrior told me that I must never forget them, that soon they would all be dead, but we must never them. I promised him I would not.

So today, I vow to never forget all the men and women who have fought and those who have died so that we may live in this free land. May God bless our service men and women and their families!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #11

Today I am so thankful for the Temple. It's a place that I go to reset my spirit and I go to be closer to my Heavenly Father. I am so glad there is a place that I can sit and ponder and learn and not be disturbed. I am so grateful for the covenants that I have made, that have made me be the better me so I can one day return to my Father in Heaven and live with him again. Some of you know that I totally resisted going through the temple for many different reasons and I have come to realize that the fear of going through the temple was a tool that Satan was using against me. I am grateful for the purpose of temples, for eternal families, and for the knowledge that I receive every time I go. My once a week journey has become a journey of love that I look forward too! As a side note, last week I did a name that was from Massachusetts from 1667 that is like the pilgrim times! I thought it was so awesome!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #10

I am so thankful for my Young Women. We had our Young Women in Excellence program tonight and I was overcome with joy and the spirit as they shared with us who they had chosen as a Hero. They are simply amazing, they do so much for me and I love them even more from the small and simple things they do for each other. I hope and pray that they know and understand how much I love them. They are truly believers in word, in conversation, in spirit and in purity.

Monday, November 9, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #9

Today is pretty simple, I am thankful for sleep. I am such a great person when I am sleeping well. As most of you know I have insomniac tendencies so I can be really not sleeping well. I have been having a lot of pain issues lately which have brought down my mood and not allowed me to sleep well. I have started sleeping with a heating pad and I have slept much better! Now I know that is not recommended but with my back and my neck causing me quite a bit of pain the heat really seems to loosen things up and allow me to sleep better. I got 7 hours of sleep last night and I feel great!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #8

Today it is obvious what I am thankful for. I am thankful for my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that through this blessing all blessing that I need will come. I am thankful for the peace and the love that I feel. I am thankful that I know that I am a child of God. That he loves me regardless of what I do or say or think. He will forgive me of all the things that I just can't seem to get right, all I have to do is ask. It is through my membership that I know these things.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #7

Today I am grateful for prayer. One of two connections to our Heavenly Father. The other being the Holy Ghost. Since being called to the Young Women's I don't think that I have prayed so much in my whole life. I want so much from him for them that I ask and ask and ask. I then have to thank and thank and thank when things just seem to happen. I love that I can talk to him out loud like a friend. It amazes me how much Satan tries to get us to forget about praying an how easily he can make us feel unworthy to pray when in actuality there is never a time that we can not pray. He is always willing to listen and to hear and the answer. I have learned that most of the time they are not answered in way that I want, but in the way that it needs to happen. The mortal man in me forgets about the BIG picture and our Heavenly Father definitely can see the big picture.

30 Days of Thanks #6

Yesterday I forgot to get on an post so I will do it this morning. Yesterday, I was grateful for pain. After attending the temple Thursday night because of anger that was boiling inside of me I was struck by some of the things said. There must be opposition in all things. I am thankful for the pain in my life that allows me to enjoy the pleasure so much more fully. I also had physical therapy yesterday to see if that would improve my headaches. We will see what will happen there, I just pray that I will be able to endure all that God has given me even when I think it is impossible. He makes the impossible, possible.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #5

I had a hard time coming up with something this morning. I don't know why I am struggling with this, there are so many things to be thankful for. I didn't want this to become a material thing list, I wanted it to be deeper then that, but this morning I am not feeling the vibe. (if you know what I mean) So drum roll please, today I am thankful for nature. I love the trees and the grass and the changing of the season. The moon and the stars and the constellations that seem to tell a story of where we came from. The leaves that change in the Fall and know when to change. The bulbs that spring forth from the ground in the spring because of the warmth they feel. The cool night that comes after a long hot summer day that seems almost as refreshing as sleep itself. Wow, not too bad, even though I am not feeling it, I am truly grateful!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween was on a Saturday and I got to have a party! We had so much fun, and I totally want to have another one already! Mom and Grandma Robinson chit chatting!

Evets and Clara, she is so cute!

I made some of the food and these cute marshmallow witches!
The finished product.

The kids then decorated sugar cookies, here is Tatum she is so cute!

Garrett having fun.

Brooks getting into decorating his cookie.

The kids then decorated sheets with fun Halloween sticker that I got on clearance at the store. Way cute skeletons that they got to put together.

Garrett was pretty intent on what he was doing.

Timmy got home just in time to carve his pumpkin! I love the teeth on his Ogre looking pumpkin.

I made this way yummy pumpkin dip, that is delicious with apples and ginger snap cookies!

The kids getting ready to go out and get the candy.

The pumpkins lined the walk to the door, I have always wanted to do this and it looked so cool!

All the different faces of the pumpkins!

Ghost's to haunt you

Dracula anyone?

my happy pumpkin

the cute kitty cat

my little scared pumpkin

The Day before Halloween (a little bit late)

I went to Garrett's school to see his program and his parade. As you can see he dressed as a Red Ninja (they are a super hero by the way). He is not a bad guy, he is a good guy! I love him when he says stuff like that.
Garrett having his snack of apples and Carmel dip with homemade root beer that was made during their program.

Where is Garrett? Can you find him?

We then had play time outside where Garrett ran around and wanted to kick the ball back and forth. He has a good kick and has great hand eye coordination.

They played pin the nose on the Pumpkin and musical chairs. It was great to see them. Garrett was one of the last 4 people left in musical chairs. He was sad he didn't win, but a little girl in his class totally shoved him out of the chair he was already sitting in. I thought it was funny.

We then went and got some lunch at McDonald's because he was "Seriously Hungry" and we then started carving our pumpkins. Garrett did not want to take the guts out the pumpkin. I told him he didn't get a choice if he wanted to carve it he would have to gut it and I helped him do it. I was laughing so hard he did not like the feel or smell of the pumpkin guts.

Here he is showing me how much he had taken out. Look closely there is not much on the spoon.

He was careful not to touch the pumpkin itself notice he has a glove on.

He then got to help punch out the design that he chose, a crescent moon with and eye and a star. It turned out really well.

Clara came over to see what we were doing. She didn't really like the pumpkins.

Garrett and I and our pumpkins.

This is Garrett's picture of me with my pumpkin. I took his picture and he then had to take mine. He is so dang cute, I love that boy!

His pumpkin lit up that night

My pumpkin lit up that night!

30 Days of Thanks #4

Last night I got a call from my partner in crime in YW's Laurel. She said that one of our dear girls had been in the hospital and was going to have surgery to remove her gallbladder. I feel deeply for her, I had mine out several years ago because it was not working. I know that she must be in a lot of pain. I pray for her well being. It is instances like this that make me grateful for my health. Now most of you know that my health is not always the best, but it's not always the worst either. I am grateful that I am not in the hospital or ready to have surgery or any of those other things that could be wrong with me. I am grateful that I am healthy enough to work and pursue the things that I love.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #3

Today I am grateful for my friends, whether near or far they seem to inspire me in so many ways. Some I don't see often and some I see all the time, but regardless if I have actually seen them in the last year they are still an important part of my life. They have each played an important role in my journey. And for that I would like to thank them! Thank you for being the shoulder to cry on, the face to throw my anger at, the quiet on the end of the line when venting needs to be vented! So many time we rush through life and forget to thank those that are closest to us and I would like these 30 day's of Thanks to be that quiet remembrance of why we move through this life. Mostly it is because of other people, these friends, that we are able to accomplish our goals and reach for our dreams. So Thank You, every single one of you!

Monday, November 2, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #2

I am so grateful for parents that accept me for who I am. My mom is amazing and she constantly is so loving and giving to all of us kids. She goes out of her way to help us out and to make us feel like everything will be OK. My Dad is the same, he shows his love a little bit different then my mom but it is love. He will always try to help us fix cars, do yard work, till the garden etc... I am so lucky to have wonderful parents that are so much like Christ with there unconditional love. May God watch over them always!

30 Days of Thanks #1

I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that has sent me here with a purpose. As soon as I figure out that purpose I will let you know. But for now I love the ride!