Friday, April 30, 2010

YW Happy UnBirthday Party

On Wednesday we had our annual Happy UnBirthday Party for the Miamaids. It was great fun this year. The presidency planned three amazing games, we did a service project of Birthday Bags for the battered women's shelter, and we have a fun gift exchange followed by cake and punch. It was great, thanks to everyone who helped out, it was much appreciated!
Cathy playing the first game, and the table set-up with the stuff for the bags on it!

Meagan and Breeanna getting into the game

McKayla explaining how her game worked

Syd getting ready to tear into the paper wrapped game

At one point everyone got about 2 seconds to try to get it open, before it got passed to the next person who rolled a seven or doubles.

After stuffing the bags the girls made the look really cute with curling ribbon.

Jorie got super creative and weaved the ribbon through the bag, it was super cute!

We then played a game where you all sat in a circle and the person standing had to say something they had never done then everyone who had done it had to change seats, who ever was left without a seat was the next up. It was lots of fun!

Sister Johnson running for a seat

We then did a fun thing with the gift exchange, it was a blast! Everyone wore the hat while they picked their gift, this is my friend Laurel, she is so great! She is the 1st counselor over us and we couldn't do it with out her!

Cute Clara, she is one of our newest class members!

Opening gifts! It was great!

Party punch, that the girls remember from last year! It is super delicious!

Marbled cake, it was good, I just wish I had done better with the decorating.

Katelyn, also pretty new, she is fabulous with bows! She has a great smile too!

YW Temple activity

For our Temple Activity in April we made scrunchies for the baptistery. The girls had a lot of fun. We then got a real treat when one of the girls, Ashley taught us some sign language. She is super talented and even attends the deaf ward. She taught us the first part of the YW theme. She is truly an inspiration.

We first looked up scriptures on Good Works
Annie and Meagan getting instruction on how to make the scrunchies from Sister Lamaster.

The girls sewing away

Getting them turned right side out was a learning experience for me!

Sister Hill showing the girls the stitch to close them up.

When Whitney got done she started twirling it around by the string it was really funny. She is a super cute girl!

PS I actually sewed something and it turned out like it was suppose to! Yeah for me!

Beautiful Spring

When we were out side a couple of Sunday's ago, I saw so much beauty that I couldn't go on with with taking some pictures. The tulips, the flowering cherry tree.

I saw this bee flying around I wanted to take a picture of.

Sunday Fun

The kids are so cute when they come over on Sundays, Garrett wanted to try out our new Elliptical. Evets was showing us the quilt squares for Clara's new quilt, she wanted to see too!

Outside drinking from Evets glass

Crawling away from us

Hanging out with mom.

Saturday Fun on the Grass with Clara and Mom

A couple of weeks ago, Jonathan brought the kids over on a Saturday that Evets was working. I was weeding in the garden and Mom brought Clara over she started screaming, she didn't recognize me with my sunglasses and visor. Mom brought out a blanket and put her on it but forgot to bring toys. Mom went back in and to get toys and she took one look at me and would not stop crying, it was classic. I thought I would take some pictures, she is so cute and is getting grown up, I can't believe she is almost a year old!

Julie's Cute Car

My aunt Julie got a cute Convertible Bug, she Loves it! It is super cute and fun!

YW Iron Chef

So 3 weeks ago we had the best Combined YM/YW activity. We did an Iron Chef competition that we split the kids into teams according to their classes and gave them cakes and frosting etc... and then we gave them someone from the scriptures that they had to do a cake representing. We had lots of fun and it was great to see how creative the kids were with what they were given. Everyone had a lot of fun. Definitely something to repeat in a couple of years!

The Winning team with their creation of Lehi's dream of the iron rod! It was spectacular!

Erica and Sierra working on the "Moses" cake.

The priest hard at work, they were super creative.

Gathering ingredients

Breanna and the "Joshua" cake, they used the theme for this year and it was great!

Brook, piping frosting onto the Golden Plates or the "Nephi" cake

Get creative!

Sister Johnson handing out supplies!

Sarah working hard on her cake.

Frosting can fix just about any mistake, except when you are missing a whole cake. Everything turned out alright though!
Joshua 1:9 BE thou Strong and of a good courage

Lehi's dream, iron rod, tree of life, mists (white swirls) of darkness, the river, the great and spacious building with the mocking people! It was really cool!

Moroni's "Title of Liberty"

The Golden plates

The hill Cumorah, thought this was funny because Mormon was their person and Moroni hid the plates at the hill.

Jonah's Whale, Jonah is in the mouth of the whale if you look closely!

This was my biggest disappointment, the was the Ammon. A depiction of one of the cut off arms. I thought the girls could have done so many things, but oh well.

The Samuel the Lamanite cake, he is on top preaching with arrows aimed at him but not hitting him and the army on their way up the stairs to get him.

This is the Moroni cake, the hill Cumorah and the burial chamber. They had plates and the sword and the liahona in the chamber that opened up.

Another spectacular cake, Moses parting the Red Sea and leading the people through, he is at the front with the staff. The fire that was the Lord that protected them from Pharaoh and his chariots from reaching them before they were safe.

Alma the Younger, the angel "the white thing, and the sons of Mosiah all struck down.

The story of Esther in a loose depiction, the gallows that Haman meant for Mortichi to be hanged in, where he was ultimately hanged!

This was a great activity, our Leader, my friend Laurel is so awesome! I am so grateful to serve with her and get to partake of her spirit she is wonderful!