Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Day before Halloween (a little bit late)

I went to Garrett's school to see his program and his parade. As you can see he dressed as a Red Ninja (they are a super hero by the way). He is not a bad guy, he is a good guy! I love him when he says stuff like that.
Garrett having his snack of apples and Carmel dip with homemade root beer that was made during their program.

Where is Garrett? Can you find him?

We then had play time outside where Garrett ran around and wanted to kick the ball back and forth. He has a good kick and has great hand eye coordination.

They played pin the nose on the Pumpkin and musical chairs. It was great to see them. Garrett was one of the last 4 people left in musical chairs. He was sad he didn't win, but a little girl in his class totally shoved him out of the chair he was already sitting in. I thought it was funny.

We then went and got some lunch at McDonald's because he was "Seriously Hungry" and we then started carving our pumpkins. Garrett did not want to take the guts out the pumpkin. I told him he didn't get a choice if he wanted to carve it he would have to gut it and I helped him do it. I was laughing so hard he did not like the feel or smell of the pumpkin guts.

Here he is showing me how much he had taken out. Look closely there is not much on the spoon.

He was careful not to touch the pumpkin itself notice he has a glove on.

He then got to help punch out the design that he chose, a crescent moon with and eye and a star. It turned out really well.

Clara came over to see what we were doing. She didn't really like the pumpkins.

Garrett and I and our pumpkins.

This is Garrett's picture of me with my pumpkin. I took his picture and he then had to take mine. He is so dang cute, I love that boy!

His pumpkin lit up that night

My pumpkin lit up that night!

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