Monday, May 31, 2010

Ketchikan AK

Small town with way to many jewelry stores.
Lost luggage only what was in our carry ons.
No brush, toothbrush, makeup or coats.
This is fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack & Colleen's Alaska Experience May 2010

I am making this short and sweet. Jack and I have reservations in 20 mintues. First day our luggage gets stranded in Seattle, we are on a cruise ship in VC British Columbia. Meet cousins from Centerville Mel and Laura Miles- short world is'nt it.

Crusing the inland waterway is beautiful.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Today I got up early to take my parents to the airport. They called this afternoon and they got there safe! Their luggage was not so lucky. The connecting flight from Seattle to Vancouver didn't have enough room for the bags so, if it doesn't come before the ship leaves, it will be waiting for them in Kethakan (2 days from now). Mom sounded in good spirits though and I hope they will have a wonderful time! I look forward to seeing what they are up too!

YW's Watch our Movies, Mormon Bar

On Tuesday we had a great activity. We watched the movies we had made the week before, and we had a Mormon bar, where we taught the girls how to make homemade strawberry lemonade, we also talked about standing as a witness and how we can do a better job of standing up for what we believe. The girls had a lot of fun! I was impressed they did a great job!

Showing Whitney how to squeeze the lemons

Getting started!

Rolling the lemons to help them release their juices!

Sarah has this thing with knifes! She is so funny!

Whitney zesting the lemon with her name left as the impression!

YW McKenzie's Play

One of my Young Women was recently in the play Midsummer's Night Dream, she played Pea blossom, one of the fairies helpers. She did a fantastic job. She is a beautiful young woman who I am excited to see her to learn and grow! She is the one in green!

She is so wonderful! I should mention, she is my friend Laurel's daughter, so she has a great mom to support her!

YW Make a Movie Night

So last week we had a Make A Movie Night! It was lots of fun. I don't have any pictures of the actual making of the movies (I was a camera person)! We started out talking about people of integrity and what qualities they posses. We talked about qualities that we ourselves could improved on and how the world wants us to be vs how the Lord wants us to be. We went around and read scriptures and talked and then broke out into groups to make 2 movies each. One movie about someone with Integrity, the second whatever they would like to make up!

Props and fun

This was my group after making their first movie!

We ended up having a ton of fun. My group did a movie about Ammon and then they did a version of "America's got Talent". They all participated as contestants and judges and it was wonderful! The girls really came together and worked hard, I was super impressed!

Mother's Day

So Mother's Day was bitter sweet this year. My Grandma and Grandpa Wood were in town and seeing them was really hard. I don't think that my Grandma even knows who she is anymore. She has to be helped with everything. I love her and hope and pray that I will be able to handle what lays ahead of me. It is heart wrenching seeing her like this and remembering who she use to be. I love her and I will honor and remember her memory in any way that I can. I also got to see and speak with my Grandma and Grandpa Robinson. I fact we worked on genealogy. It was really cool and fun. And of course my mom is absolutely fabulous. I love her and respect her and know that she will succeed in all she does because she is AMAZING!

The flowers from my garden they totally made me smile

Grandma and Grandpa Wood getting dished up.

Grandma and Grandpa Robinson dishing
Mom with her new Camera that she got for Mother's Day!

We were trying to get some pictures of Clara with Grandma Wood. Clara was ok for about 2 minutes then she wanted nothing to due with the lady she doesn't know.
This was my favorite pictures of them together!

Grandparents, Grandkids, Great-Grandkids

Mom doing genealogy with Grandma and Grandpa Robinson

Dad, me, Grandma Wood, Grandpa Wood

Mother's Day Treats

So on Mother's Day I really wanted to make my mom feel special. That usually involves making yummy food and treats for her. I got up really really early and made homemade Orange Rolls and a fresh fruit salad. I then start the dessert for the afternoon Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding in Chocolate cups. I had a ton of fun and am so glad that everything turned out ok. I love my mom completely. She gave me life and has continued to love me regardless of the choices that I make whether they are good or bad.

Orange Rolls and Fresh Fruit Salad

Making the Chocolate Cups for the pudding

The cups all set up and balloons popped and ready for pudding and whip cream

Tatum's Birthday Party

For my cousin's Tatum's Birthday, LaNece asked me to help her take kids to Build a Bear! It was so much fun, it makes me want to go back again. I have never been, but I got a super cute owl and loved it! Great experience for the kids and adults.

Tatum the Birthday Girl
Getting instructions of what they get to do!

Garrett filling his bunny with stuffing

My friend Laurel's little girl Maylin was there too, she is so cute, and I am glad Laurel trusted me enough to take her, it was her first birthday party away from mom and she did great!

They then give their animals a bath.

We then went to the food court for ice cream. The kids were so cute, I just had to show you how cute they were with the ice cream! What a fun treat!



The Birthday Girl

Tatum's neighbor

Katie, who I taught in Primary several years ago, she was so cute and so funny!

Garrett got Mint Chocolate chip, I didn't know that he liked that even!