Monday, November 23, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #23

Today I am grateful for my family. I have said before how I am thankful for my parents who love me regardless of the choices I make. I am thankful for brothers who protected me and who have shown me what a "Good Man" is suppose to do, or look like. They have set a standard of how to treat women and how to respect women that I have sought when looking for a guy. I am grateful for a wonderful and loving extended family that surrounds me, prays for me, fasts for me when I am sick, and loves me regardless of the choices I make and are not afraid to tell me how much they love me. Without these important key players in my life, my life would not be a life worth living. So to my family, near and far, those I see all the time, and those I only see on rare occasion, to those I seem to fall easily into conversation with and those that I struggle to know what to say and when, I love you. Everyone of you to the depth of my heart and the breath of my voice I LOVE YOU!

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