Sunday, November 29, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #29

As this series of posts come to an end, I am struck by the many things I am grateful for that I have not been able to express. Today I am thankful for the many teacher in my life. Today at church I was spiritually nourished with two wonderfully prepared lessons. First was from my friend and co-hort in Young Women's, Laurel. She taught a wonderful lesson about education. It makes me so happy to see the looks on the girls faces when I can see that they "Get it". I love that they are so attentive and willing to learn and grow they really understood what Laurel was teaching. I then had the pleasure to go to Sunday school where Brother Muir gave a wonderful lesson about being a responsible citizen. It was very touching, considering a lot of people in our ward feel that our country is headed in the wrong direction, but are not doing or saying anything about it. I felt like he inspired several people into action, myself included. I love to learn from Brother Muir he truly teaches with the spirit. These are just a couple of examples from today. There are so many examples of teaching through out my life that I can't fully express my love to everyone. I hope that we will all remember the teachers in our lives, big and small

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  1. You are just awesome. I really didn't think they got it, but thanks for being so positive!!!! You are so great.