Saturday, March 13, 2010


On Wednesday I had the opportunity to watch Garrett and Clara while their parents went to dinner with friends. This is the first time I have seen Garrett with his glasses and he is so cute and handsome in them! We played several games and had lots of fun.

Old MacDonald game, Garrett loves this game!

Clara like chewing on the pieces.

We then moved on to a game called "Hang in There", the kids seem to gravitate towards this, they really like to play it!

Garrett trying to move his animal from tree to tree!

We then had dinner, Garrett wanted some cheese for his potatoes so he learned how to grate cheese! He is getting so grown-up and learning how to do so many new and exciting things.

YW Combined for a Life Challenge!

The young men planned a life challenge game for our combined activity, there were several fun and exciting things going on. The "judges" dressed up, and it was lots of fun.

Here is Sister Wade threading a needle to sew on a button.

Changing a dirty "for real it was dirty" diaper!

Chickens, yes chickens in the cultural hall, that the kids had to chase and catch!

Eating a sleeve of crackers and then whistling!

Eating popcorn, but doing it in a clean manner!

Eating sardines, this was horrible for most of the people

The final challenge was transferring marshmallows with straws and nothing else!

Happy Birthday Garrett!

Last Saturday we celebrated Garrett's 5th Birthday, yes 5th! It is way scary for me that he is growing up so fast! If you can't tell he LOVES StarWars! It was a great party and a lot of fun. Even Jonathan got into it! He was trying out the masks that they got for the kids!

Garrett's Nana bought him a Darth Vader and an Obi One Konobi cut out! Garrett was way protective of the Obi One!

Getting ready to open presents.

Clara really like the presents, well at least she wanted to chew on the paper!

Mom got him and X-wing fighter! I think it was love at first sight!

A friend of Evets made this R2 cake, it was way cool looking!

Blowing out the candles.

Lately Clara doesn't want anything to do with Timmy or my dad, so when Timmy picked her up, I thought maybe she was over it, she looks pretty happy in this picture, I don't think she was sure what to think about the hat!

After a minute or so the happiness was gone and it was back to scared, crying, I don't like you Clara!

Garrett with his new X-wing fighter. He was so excited that everytime I tried to take him picture he wouldn't look up!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hunter's Porgram

Hunter had a program yesterday at his school, it was about Utah. The sang songs, played their recorders, and danced. It was so fun and so cute to see Hunter perform. He sang all the words, danced all the songs and did a great job!

Playing the recorder, and dancing a Hip Hop number!

Doing a Buffalo Gals dance

Waiting to get started

Mom, Hunter and Tasha after his performance!

Snowy Weather!

Yesterday we woke up to snow! It was a beautiful site. We have not had snow for awhile and it was breathtaking. We need the moisture we have been lacking this year!

Cake Classes

So for the last 3 weeks I have been taking a cake class at Gygi's. We learned everything, the first class was all about make a cake, from how to make the cake, how to trouble shoot problems, to oven temp's etc. The second class was about making fillings and frosting's and learned how to torte a cake to prepare it for filling and frosting. We made a pastry cream, a strawberry filling, a chocolate ganache, and buttercream icing. The last class we put our cakes together and learned about piping and royal icing and cake construction. It was so much fun. I have wanted to take a cake class for several years and I finally found one that worked with my schedule.
This is my final cake, with drop flowers and dot design.

So we ended up with a Vanilla Bean Pound cake filled with pastry cream and strawberry's with a buttercream frosting.

My family loved it. In fact Jonathan said it may be his new favorite!

YW Hair Extravaganza

On Tuesday we had a Hair extravaganza for our combined YW's activity. They taught the girls how to do an up do, we made cute flower clips and clip holders and we had a lot of fun.

Karley and Gerika

The girls trying to decide what to do with their flowers.
Meagan and her cute flower clip.

We were also taught how to "backcomb" or in my terms rat hair properly. Here we are using our technique on Karley!

The results, she looks, kind of happy???

Crystal Jensen showing us how to start an up do, Alyssa got picked and she looked awesome when she got done!

Beautiful Alyssa!

Karley then braided Gerika's hair and put in some flower clips, very unusual for Gerika!

Katelyn and Nicole doing hair.