Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Garden

So far this year my garden is getting big and producing a lot of stuff! I have been surprised about how much stuff has grown! It's always exciting to get more stuff going and have a feast from the garden!

Pepper, eggplant, beans and onions

My tomatoes are huge!

Treasure Hunt

So Garrett has a current obsession with Pirates and Treasure etc... So when he was over on Friday, my mom told him I would put together a treasure hunt for him. What a fun time! We only had the little kids involved but the big kids wanted to do it too! Maybe next time we will have 2 treasure hunts! Here they all are reading and with their clues. The treasure was just some candy wrapped in gold and silver! It was super fun, can't wait to do it again!

YW Budget activity and Cook off

So last night we had a budget and cook-off activity! We talked about keys to managing money and then gave the girls money and had them shop for stuff to make dinner. (we had brought stuff from our pantries and the store labeled with prices) They were given $7 to feed the 4 or five people in each group! They all agreed on what to cook and make and then went to it! I think they learned a lot and had a lot of fun. If they fill out the Teen Budget form we gave them and live within that budget for 3 months it passes off a personal progress goal!

Trying to decide what to make with the money that they have.
Grocery shopping can be hard with so many different opinions!

The first group cooking away, they made a pretty simple meal of top ramen, corn, oranges, french bread and brownies! The other group finally decided on Chicken alfredo and brownies. It was fun to see them working together and challenging each other for thing that they wanted!

Thumbs up from the picky eater of the group!

Licking the beaters

and having a clean plate, it was delicious

Syd was so cute she played with Sister Lamaster's kids outside. She is such a beautiful girl and she is so great with the kids, she will be an awesome mom!

Everyone enjoyed the brownies, we then took the left over brownies around to the girls who were unable to attend! It was a fun night!

YW Virtue the Amazing Race

The combined YW activity was so much fun! Laurel found it on the Internet and we knew we had to do it. She was released a couple of weeks before which put a huge load on our new person, they ended up having Laurel help and it turned out great! The girls had tons of fun, it requires a lot of leaders though so if you do it make sure you get help from everyone and maybe even ask some of the girls mom's to help out! The girls were amazing to see them work together and to see how everyone finished! It was a great end to a wonderful career. I still will have to hit her up for ideas!

The girls trying to figure out the ancient writing on the golden V's from the baseball field!

Rods and rivers, chutes and ladders

Trying to find the 1 piece of rice that is red and get the blind folded person to gasp just that one!

Working hard to get a stain out, little did they know it was impossible and they would have to visit and chat with the bishop!

Can you put a section of scripture in the right order? This was much harder then the girls thought it would be, but the got it eventually!

The race to read, everyone had to read 1 or 2 chapters depending if they had read their scriptures in the last 24 hrs

Finding our virtue flag from last year and almost to the end of the race!

Our winning team with Laurel who ended everyone and gave them treats! They did a great job!

V is for Victory!

YW Water Kick Ball

Katelyn and Clara and friend with Blue tongues from the snow cones

Megan going at it again so I could get a picture!

So a couple of weeks ago for our combined activity we played water kick ball. For those who don't know what that is, it's normal kick ball but for home base you have a slip n slide! Lots of fun!
We then had snow cones after it was great!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sadness, Shock and Dismay

My heart was broken on Sunday when my good friend Laurel was released as the 1st counselor in the YW. My partner in crime is no long er going to be there to pick me up when I am down, or laugh at the stupid things I do. She is not going to be there to answer the all important questions that I have no idea how to answer. My optimistic outlook, these girls need to grow, they need a good gospel foundation, lets relate it back to the scriptures friend is gone. Who is going to cry with me in the hall when I find out that one of the YW have been up to no good, or they have hurt my feelings?

I am truly sad. Our YW have lost a wonderful advocate. I just want her to know how much I love her and I will miss her dearly!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Post's Alert

So I posted like 20 things and got caught up make sure you see them all! I hope now that my life has seemed less stressful I will be able to keep up with what we are doing. Best wishes and happy looking!

YW Are you in a Jam

On Tuesday we taught the girls how to make freezer jam and talked about how to get out of a jam and how to find answers to our questions. We had toast and jam for refreshments. Our girls are so wonderful, they make the best out of everything and make our jobs so easy! I love them so much!

YW Girls Camp

Girls Camp is always a wonderful experience! This year was no exception. The girls we great, they continue to amaze me! There was lots of late nights, Quelf, and fun. Can't wait to go again next year!

Group Picture at the lake

The Bishop sweeping out wood chips so we can pass inspection!

The priesthood was great!

A little friendly arm wrestling

the easy hike group!

The Challenge Course

Early morning beauty from the Lord

The Flotilla (what I called it) out on the lake the girls came over and wanted us to paddle them around in our paddle boat, pretty soon there was 6 canoes on one side and four on the other, it was amazing to see them come together and sing songs and socialize!

Quelf, need I say more? (conjoined twins, Gerika and Saydee balancing a book on head and walking backward at least 30 feet)! LOL

Pile on Karley

Designing the pillowcases

Girls camp Yoga anyone?

Quelf again

Service Project fun

Early Morning scripture study! This was cool, I passed off 5 value experiences!

Quelf again!

This was one of the coolest things that happened at camp. The YCL's brought out this picture of a girl from school and said all the bad things she did (gossiped, stole my boyfriend, swears, called me a *****). Then they chose girls from the audience to beat her picture up, stab it with a pencil etc... As you see below under the picture of the girl was a picture of Christ! The gasp from the girls was indescribable. What a wonderful lesson to remind us that everything we do to other people we are really doing to Christ!

Spray paint Tye dye bandanna's

Quelf slow dancing!

The first day we went to the lake we got rained out, the girls played in the sand box and played sand volleyball.

Rain rain go away come again another day

the girls came up with a fun game Dragon, Orge, Witch. It was fun to watch!