Wednesday, November 25, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #24

So last night I was exhausted after my Young Women's activity, so forgive me for not posting this last night, but I am thankful for people's generosity. For our Young Men, Young Women's combined activity we had a food drive for people in our ward. We broke up into cars and started knocking on doors and collecting stuff that was already set out on porches. We piled 6 girls and 3 leaders into a SUV and started out. I was in the back part of the car with a couple girls when it immediately became apparent that we would not have enough room for the food. The first house we stopped at had set out, 3 cases of granola bars, a case of evaporated milk, and several other small boxes filled with canned goods. We stopped at every house on the street and received a donation from almost every house, including those on the street that were not members of our faith. It was wonderful to see the generosity of those around us. We then headed back the the church to sort the food and divide it up for 7 different families in our area. Each family will receive at least 3 huge boxes of food, in addition to 2 turkeys each, a bag of potatoes, frozen dinner rolls and lots of food for their pantry. I am so impressed with the people who donated that I wanted to express my gratitude to all those who are so generous through this trying holiday season. May the Lord bless each one of you in your own individual way!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! THIS IS LAUREL. I am on my sister in laws computer.I am so glad you posted. I was wondering how it went. Thanks for the report. Glad it went so well! Hope you have a great day. We leave late tomorrow night. We will be home around 11 p.m. tomorrow. I am so excited to come home. I have had a nice time, but totally miss MY HOUSE! Love you Becky! Grateful for all you do and for your friendship. Hope all is well and going well. This is LAUR