Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas is always a fun and exciting time at our house. We get up and wait for Nathan and Jonathan's families to come over so we can open presents.

This year I was shocked and excited about the gift I received. A hand gun is nothing I have asked for but I am excited to learn how to use it and how to better protect myself.

You will see in the pictures below all the fun we had. My favorite was when the kids opened the ping pong balls from me and had a blank stare about what they were for, it was then that they opened the sling shots that I had bought for them and the ping pong balls were to shoot without causing damage. The look on their face was priceless.

Whitney and Tasha

Timmy and Nathan

Whitney in her new snow hat and new coat from Dad.

We then visited Grandma and Grandpa Robinson's house where we ate the prime rib roast that grandpa makes every year, it is delicious.

Roast Beast

Grandpa cutting the roast

Grandma and Grandpa serving up the roast beast, Yummy, Yummy

Evets and Mom playing perfection.

Evets's concentrating hard to get the right piece in the right place

Everyone came over for dinner at our house later and played games and played the Wii with the new games we got. It was lots of fun

Nathan and Taylor playing the hunting game

Tasha and Evets, they are looking a little crazy

Mom making the yummy potato skins to go with the ribs for dinner.

Hunter holding Clara

Mom and Whitney playing Life

Christmas Eve Cookies with Garrett

I got a phone call at work on Christmas Eve from Garrett asking when we were going to make Christmas cookies for Santa. We have done this in the past but this year I had been so busy I had not even thought about it until he called. When I talked to Jonathan he stated that as soon as Garrett woke up on Christmas Eve he had asked when he was coming over to make cookies. It warms my heart that he remembers and that this is now a tradition for us. Me and Garrett rolling out the sugar cookie dough

Garrett rolling it out himself

Garrett making the frosting red

Garrett decorating the frosted cookies

Me and Garrett with the finished cookies ready to take home for Santa.

Garrett's fun and full of candy cookies!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at our house has always been full of family and food. This year was no different we had lots of family over and has Clam Chowder and fresh bread. We then opened Christmas PJ's and everyone went home to continue their own family traditions. Mom and I wrapped presents and watched movies.

Whitney and Clara
Taylor, Hunter and Brooks

Jonathan and his new PJ's

Timmy wore his PJ's as a hat

The Christmas tree a lite and ready for Santa to come

Temple Square

We did our annual Temple Square trip the week before Christmas this year. We always go down to see the lights and we usually eat at Little America at the coffee shop. We kept with tradition this year and had dinner and got on the Trax and rode down to Temple Square for a night of beauty and reflection. I rather enjoyed myself, we were missing Dad and Timmy do to work issues but overall it was great!

Whitney, Tasha, Nathan trying to decided what to eat

Jonathan and his family in front of the Temple

Hunter, Mom, Taylor, Garrett, Evets and Clara

The temple with the lights

Everyone got there picture in the orange light by the assembly hall, no one else was around it was pretty cool.

Nathan, Tasha and family in front of the red tree

The Temple beneath the red tree
Jonathan and Clara

The kids all wanted to touch the Temple so they climbed up the stairs and got to see how amazing it is up close

Mom happy as can be

The nativity that they had set up in the reflecting pool was beautiful and touching

Tasha, Nathan and family in front of the Temple

We made one last stop to watch the Nativity which was wonderful

The Temple in all it's glory

Me and Taylor getting ready to leave

Clara asleep in her stroller

Whitney and me waiting for the Trax train to pick us up again.