Monday, July 5, 2010

Wow, Has it really been over a month????

How time flys when you are avoiding certain things. The last month has brought a lot of recollection of the past, a lot of tear's for the present, and a lot of anxiety about the future. So much has happened and I hope to get everyone up to date as soon as I can, just know for now that I am ok, I will get back to blogging just as soon as I think I have the time, and my bedroom is clean and my books are organized on my shelf again!

We have had several fun and inspiring YW activities in the last month and those too will come.

Just want to express my thanks to all branches of the military on this Independence Holiday Weekend. They keep us safe, they uphold our Constitution, they serve and protect with unwavering unselfishness. My heart runneth over with appreciation for your sacrifice. I just want to share an experience that I had last year while we were at the WWII memorial in Washington DC. There was an elderly man walking around that I saw as soon as we walked down by the fountain that is in the middle of the memorial. He was walking around alone, he would stop and pause and reflect at certain points of the monument. I also noticed that he was wearing a WWII Veteran hat. I kept getting this prompting that I needed to thank him for his service. I was so chicken and afraid that each time that we walked past him I was befuddled and could not speak. As we were leaving the monument he was standing outside of the end where we were exiting, I walked right by him. Then I found my courage and turned around and called out to him. I walked up to him and thanked him for his service in the world defining war. He said he was shocked to hear it come from me. He said that people from my generation didn't know what they even sacrificed for. He said that his buddies had died in vain because no one my age or younger cared why, or what they gave us. I told him that I would always remember and that I would never let those around me forget what he and his buddies did for us. Please remember during this time of the year and throughout the year how LUCKY we are. We are here because of those men who gave everything for us. We are were we are today because the men and women of the military defend and protect us! Please join with me as I NEVER FORGET!