Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I needed a Vacation

The view from the front porch!

Me and Garrett playing in the ocean

Dad getting the poles in the ocean

Beautiful rough ocean

The view from the back porch

Clara playing in the sand

The beautiful sunset in the garden

So I just got back from a lovely week in Northern California with the family.  We have been visiting there since I was a child.  It is always lovely to have time to rest and relax.  The weather was perfect, 60's and 70's and lots of sunshine.  Unfortunately the ocean was not perfect by any means.  It was rough and unfishable for most of the week.  We only got out 2 days and only were able to keep 2 fish.  That part was disappointing but everything else was wonderful and made up for it.  We stayed a beautiful rental home and went to the beach and went and saw the Giant Redwoods, we went shopping in Mendocino and Fort Bragg.  I found a few lovely things to buy and overall it was a wonderful and relaxing. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cross your finger, say a little prayer, cross your fingers.....

So today I went in for my blood draw, a pretty routine thing every 6-8 wks.  I did put this off more then the 8 wks because of the new shots that I am on.  Now I am not one to like giving myself injections and the medicine burns quite a bit, so I make the NP that I work for give it to me.  That will be a problem next week when I am on vacation.  Mom has offered to help me do it, I think I can trust her.  So normally blood work is a breeze, I go in, I don't have to check in due to new "Express Passes" and then I wait for the lab lady.  Today I was super nervous so I put it off until 5:30pm.  I guess I should go earlier, the late lab lady poked me twice and got someone else, who then asked for my advice and actually took it.  So that is 3 pokes for blood today, hope I don't bruise too bad.  I am crossing my fingers that my inflammation factor has gone down.  It would be a good indication that things are looking up and that the 10,000 a month shots are working.  This could be a bit premature though the Dr said it could take 6 months for me to start feeling the effects and have a change in my blood work.  So here is to lower inflammation factors and not getting sick (so far) and 3 pokes for blood.  I will let you know when I know.  Life is looking up in general as I leave for vacation in a few days!