Friday, October 30, 2009

Books Books Books

As many of you know I love to read. I haven't had much time to read for the last couple of years and I was determined to start reading again. I have so much on my plate that I had to give up useless stuff for the time to do it. I have read about 10 books in the last couple of months. I finally finished up the Ranger's Apprentice series (so far). This is a great fun and adventurous series, if you haven't read it you should. I just read the new book Syren which is part of the Sepatimus Heap books. Shannon Hale came out with another book in the Goose Girl books, I don't call this a series, but the books are all related. I finished a quick read called Runner about a kid who starts making money by picking up packages on the beach for someone and getting paid for it. It turns out that the packages have plastic explosives in it and is going to be used for a terrorist attack. There are so many books out there but they are wonderful and I love to read.

I there for would like to recommend a book that I pick-up on a whim at Barnes and Noble. It is a young adult novel called "A Northern Light". It is a mystery and a story about growing up in the 1800's in a rural vacation town. I found the book inspiring and loved the development of the characters.

I am just trying to finish the book for our YW's book club called Shakespeare's Secret written by Elise Broach. In fact it is also a mystery and I just finished and I loved it. Highly recommend it because I was engrossed once I got it started.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

YW Halloween Party

OK last night we had our ward Halloween Party that the YW & YM provide the entertainment for. The Miamaids set up this really cool photo stop so people could have the pictures taken. It was a success. This is one of the YW dressed up, I thought she looked like a Ranger Apprentice.

Here is me (the orange fairy), McKayla, and Megan. So much fun
Face painting was a hit!

This was a fun spider game the kids tried to throw things into. Saydee did a great job keeping the kids going.

This is Maylin (my friend Laurel's daughter) trying to hit the pinata that the YM put together.

Mom Grandma and Grandpa Robinson hanging out!

Fish Pond!

Laurel, Lynn and me. What a fabulous night. I had a great time!

Monster Cookies

So I had to make some treats for my dad to take with him to North Dakota. I decided to go with these Monster Cookies, since they are kind of healthy and they taste delicious! Packed full of oats and protein with a little bit of M&M and chocolate chips, what is not to like about them. Yummy Yummy for my tummy!

Clara Beara

Isn't she just the dang cutest thing ever? I love her so much. Last weekend we watched Clara and she is growing right up and doing all the things she is suppose to. We went to lunch at Market Street and she was cooing and squealing at the people around us. Love her Love her Love her. Love the outfit LaNece gave her. It says "So cute it's scary!". She is so cute it's scary, turning the guys eyes already!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last of the Tomatoes

So on Friday, I finally picked the last of my tomatoes. I have been covering my plants with a tarp and watering them and uncovering them when it is warm. I harvested 2 basket's full and bottled them last night. Another 14 quarts of tomatoes. It is getting too cold here to keep them covered so they are officially dead. I am not too sad, I am glad that I finally have time to read and hang out and not can all day long on my day off and on Saturdays.

Young Women, Magnet Boards and Magnets

So last week in Young Women's we had a "Stick to your standards night" and made magnet boards and magnets. It was so much fun to see how creative and innovative the girls were. Below are the 2 magnets that I made and the board that I painted.

Jorie made her board for her sister who's favorite colors are purple and green.

Sarah and Karley cheesin it up!

Yes that is me in my PJ's I didn't want to get my nice clothes dirt so PJ's it was

Katelyn and her way cute board, she hates to have her picture taken so I was happy to have this one of her!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Apple Pie in the Sky

So my brother Nathan's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and he loves my apple pie. I have to say I probably have gotten the most compliments on my apple pie, so I think it pretty dang good. The problem is the time involved making it so it's not something I will just whip up and a moments notice. Happy Birthday Nathan. Hope you liked your pie!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


For the past several mornings on my way into the building I have walked past this beautiful tree lit up by the parking lot light. It seems to glow and I have stopped and awed about it several time thinking that I should take a picture. Today I brought my camera and did just that. The beautiful creation that God has given us reaffirms my deep rooted love for me. That I can see these wonderful miracles everyday and stand in awe of the hand of God, it is truly humbling. May we all take some time and appreciate ALL the God has given us during this beautiful Fall season.

My friend Laurel

I am sure most have you have heard me talk about my friend Laurel Hill. She has been a rock and I love her to death. It seems like when I need something or can't seem to figure stuff out she is always there to help me put the pieces together. So it will come as no surprise that she snapped this picture of herself, while I was talking with the police officer, when she was waiting for me to emerge. She had come back to support me doing something that was really hard for me and I love her even more for that. You can tell from the picture she is full of personality and spunk. For some of you, you know her as my friend that adopted a baby from China. She is wonderful, and now you all have a face to put to a name! Love you Laurel for letting me post this, I love you more then you can imagine.

YW Johnny Lingo Luau

We started out the night watching Johnny Lingo and then the Brown family came to show us how to Hula dance. This is her showing us one of her dances, it was amazing!

Sister Newbold really got into it and loved to Hula!

Sister Hill and Carley trying to keep up with the teacher! The Brown girls were great teachers and they had us dancing a whole dance in a matter of 15 minutes, it was great.

Camille having lots of fun.

All the girls learning the dance.
The Brown girls performing a dance together, it was so neat, I had such a great time just watching them.

We had slushies and fruit kabob's for refreshments, they were delicious.

Sarah, Karley, Sister Jensen, and me.

Sister Farley and me doing the Limbo, that is how we finished up the night. It was great! I am totally not flexible, and that was as low as I got, but I had fun even if I looked a lot like a geek!

Sister Jensen won the leaders limbo contest. She is so cute and so much fun the girls love her!

Timmy Birthday Cake

Timmy's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately I have been a little busy and not able to make him a birthday cake. On Monday I finally had enough time to complete it. He loved it, and I thought it turned out delicious. German Chocolate is his favorite. It is also my dad's favorite so I have a lot of experience making it from scratch and if I do say so myself I make a mean German Chocolate Cake!
Three layers of chocolaty goodness.

YW's Trick or Treat

Last week we had a great YW combined activity put on by the Beehives. We had a Trick or Treat where the girls moved from room to room and passed off 3 Value experiences and then made carmel apples. It was awesome and my hat goes off to Kim Shaw who pulled it all together to make a wonderful evening. A cool decoration in one of the presentations.

The girls waiting for their treat after one of the lessons.

The girls waiting for everyone to get started at another Trick or Treat station.
Sister Jarman did a great discussion on making choices now that can affect their lives to come!

Sister Cooper talked about becoming fishers of men and doing more and better missionary work!

Sister Christensen talked about choosing good things instead of OK or not OK things.

Some of the girls dipping and decorating their carmel apples!

McKayla and her beautiful apple! I love this girls' smile!

Sister Farley's apple, yummy, yummy!

Tomatoes again and Cinnamon Apples

So I decided I had to try Red Hot Cinnamon apples, so I peeled and cored and cut up a 1/2 bushel of apples and did them. They look gorgeous! Here they are ready to load the bottles
The sauce cooking on the stove.

The finished product, doesn't that look yummy!

Bottled and ready to use, yummy, yummy!!!

More tomatoes from my garden ready to be bottled and processed
The onions I harvested from my garden last Friday, don't they look so pretty. I didn't know that it took so long for onions to grow, I have had these planted since the 2nd week in May in seed form and they are just ready!