Saturday, November 7, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #7

Today I am grateful for prayer. One of two connections to our Heavenly Father. The other being the Holy Ghost. Since being called to the Young Women's I don't think that I have prayed so much in my whole life. I want so much from him for them that I ask and ask and ask. I then have to thank and thank and thank when things just seem to happen. I love that I can talk to him out loud like a friend. It amazes me how much Satan tries to get us to forget about praying an how easily he can make us feel unworthy to pray when in actuality there is never a time that we can not pray. He is always willing to listen and to hear and the answer. I have learned that most of the time they are not answered in way that I want, but in the way that it needs to happen. The mortal man in me forgets about the BIG picture and our Heavenly Father definitely can see the big picture.

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