Sunday, November 15, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #15

Today as I was sitting in church and thinking about what to write today, what I was truly thankful for so many things entered my head. I feel so blessed and was overcome by the realization of my blessings. So today I am thankful for the priesthood. We use the priesthood all the time, every time I am in the Temple, every time we have a church meeting, every time someone is sick and needs a blessing. The power that the priesthood has is unimaginable. I think we forget what a huge part it plays in our lives until we "need" it. The fact that when we marry worth men, we get to share that power with our husbands. My father is such a great example of honoring his priesthood, he is always willing it give a blessing or even just do service for someone in need. I love that his example has given me a standard in which to measure young men against.

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