Thursday, November 12, 2009

100 Things I want to do in my life 100th Post

100 Things that I still want to do in my life! In no particular order!
1. Get Married
2. Have kids (5 seems like a good #)
3. Travel to Israel and Egypt.
4. Take my dad on a week long fishing trip to some where exotic.
5. Travel to the place of my ancestors England, Scotland.
6. Become a pastry chef.
7. Take my mom on a trip around the world.
8. Get caught up on my scrap booking.
9. Lose the 30 pounds I have gained since being in Young Women's
10. Stop stressing about mean people.
11. Read the Bible (the whole thing)
12. Run a marathon
13. Start throwing pottery again.
14. Visit Japan
15. Stop being so hard on myself (like this will really happen, but I can always try).
16. Finally finish the Cross-stitch table runner that I have been working on for 5+ yrs.
17. Clean my room
18. Read all the books on my bookshelf.
19. Read more autobiography's
20. Blog with purpose.
21. Wear makeup (this is so scary for me)
22. Have a home of my own.
23. Pay off my credit card
24. Be more understanding of others (they may not have the passion about the things I think they should).
25. Listen to more uplifting music
26. Attend the temple more
27. Pray with more conviction
28. Visit China
29. Cruise the Caribbean
30. Learn how grow Calla Lilies in our climate.
31. Visit Paris France
32. Visit the sites of early LDS Church History.
33. Visit all 50 States.
34. Write in my journal more.
35. Learn to play the piano
36. Learn how to organize better
37. Visit Hawaii maybe a cruise?
38. Become a Foster parent
39. Do more service for others.
40. Find more joy in life.
41. Clean my car more often.
42. Visit Italy again, it can only be better the 2nd time.
43. Sleep more.
44. Stop feeling guilty for things that are out of my control.
45. Tell the people I love, I love them more often.
46. Write a family history.
47. Learn more from my grandparents.
48. Be more honest with myself.
49. Smile at all the people I meet (even when they are kind of scary).
50. Get glasses that have current prescription.
51. Get a massage
52. Visit Mexico and see the ancient ruins.
53. Learn a foreign language.
54. Learn to better deal with my anger (no more holding it inside until you explode).
55. Be a better friend.
56. Learn how to COOK (not bake, COOK).
57. Stand up for our Constitution.
58. Watch less TV.
59. Learn how to play golf (for real this time).
60. Document my life with a camera.
61. Grow a bigger garden and donate it to the food bank.
62. Read the "Great Books".
63. Learn how to do Interior Design (Laurel, you need to help with this).
64. Start playing the flute again.
65. Visit Africa and go on a safari.
66. Try a new kind of food
67. Keep my mouth shut (even when I feel the need to scream out loud and tell them what I think).
68. Make cards to give away as gifts.
69. Learn how to scuba dive.
70. Go Sky diving (Evets are you still up for this)?
71. Visit my family and friends that live out of state.
72. Visit the National Parks in our state (never have done this), don't laugh I am serious.
73. Make a life long impact on some one's life.
74. Read one of Dr Laura's books (I love listening to her).
75. Attend a Major League Baseball game.
76. See a real opera.
77. Go to the ballet.
78. Learn Morse code. (always wanted to learn how to do this)
79. Learn how to make a new dessert once a month.
80. Take a cake decorating class.
81. Visit Finland (the home of my dear friend Mia).
82. Get a dog (preferable a hunting dog, my dad can train and take hunting).
83. Learn how to make earrings. (a co-worker use to do this and the earrings she gave me are so cute)
84. Learn how to sew
85. Make a quilt.
86. Watch the classic movies.
87. Visit as many temples throughout the world as I can.
88. Listen better to the spirit and follow it's guidance.
89. Face more of my fears. (I am really getting better at this, once you face one of your fears, it seems easier to face more of them)
90. Get a pedicure.
91. Learn how to water color again.
92. Learn how to iron.
93. Learn how to take better pictures.
94. Open my own bakery. (where I sell handmade cards)
95. Learn how to shoot a gun.
96. Learn how to use EBay.
97. Learn how to knit.
98. Plant a strawberry and raspberry garden.
99. Clean out the garage.
100. Enjoy life more.
There are so many more things that I want to do, but as I accomplish parts on my list I will let you know! Here's to the next 100 post's!


  1. ok... I so want to do about 15-20 of these with you! And I am an expert ebayer if you want tips... but be warned... it may become addicting and then you will need to add something like.. "Join ebayers anonomous" as your #101.

  2. Becky
    I've been reading your blog for awhile and I want you to know that you inspire me in may ways. I think you are awesome and I want to be more like you. I am with you on about 30 of you things you want to do someday. I've already experienced 1 and 2 and I hope I make it through my teen age years again.
    Love Ya