Tuesday, November 3, 2009

30 Days of Thanks #3

Today I am grateful for my friends, whether near or far they seem to inspire me in so many ways. Some I don't see often and some I see all the time, but regardless if I have actually seen them in the last year they are still an important part of my life. They have each played an important role in my journey. And for that I would like to thank them! Thank you for being the shoulder to cry on, the face to throw my anger at, the quiet on the end of the line when venting needs to be vented! So many time we rush through life and forget to thank those that are closest to us and I would like these 30 day's of Thanks to be that quiet remembrance of why we move through this life. Mostly it is because of other people, these friends, that we are able to accomplish our goals and reach for our dreams. So Thank You, every single one of you!

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