Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am grateful for .........16

I am grateful for
Grandmothers and great grandmothers that taught me how to be a strong women in the world that we live me.  Grandmothers that had foresight to teach me so many wonderful things before they were past teaching.  A lot of the reasons that I do the things are do are because of them.  I was raised with confidence and training and practical things that I never thought I would need, but that I use all the time now.  Strong grandmothers that taught me who I am, where I need to be going, and what I need to be doing.  It is refreshing to know that I have had a wonderful upbringing, due in part to their instruction and love. 

I am grateful for ...... 15

I am grateful for
My Garden, I am just starting to put it to bed for the winter and it has as always provided so much food for my family for the upcoming winter that I am truly grateful.  It amazes me that spending $30 in seeds and plants can produce so much food.  I know that the Lord blesses me with a garden so that we may be prepared for all those many things that may come to pass sooner or later. 

I am grateful for ....... 14

I am grateful for
Books that I read that inspire me to be a better person, that keep me on top of my game, that allow me to constantly learn about some many different things.  That give me hope when it seems like all hope is gone.  That teach me how much Heavenly Father truly loves me, when he reaches out of the pages and touches my heart in the exact spot that I needed healing or further understanding on something so small and "dumb" in others eyes, but knows that I need it.  Books that teach me how to be a better person, how to bake something divine, or make others happy.  Knowledge is truly a gift that we must develop on our own.  Books are a wonderful way to acquire more knowledge.

I am grateful for .......13

I am grateful for
Pride and Prejudice the movie, it always gives me hope that there is a Mr Darcy out there waiting for me to stumble upon him.  I know what I have been promised, and that is a husband and children, and even though right now it seems utterly impossible that either of those will happen within the allotted time, I know Heavenly Father loves me, and he would never lie to me, so I know I will have a Mr Darcy and little day

I am Grateful For ...... 12

I am grateful for
Creative people who allow me to steal their ideas and make it mine.  I have several friends that fall into this category, some are designer worthy!  When my creative juices run dry there is always someone to fall back on that has done something beautiful and shared,

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I am grateful for.......11

I am grateful for
Friends that care.  lately I seem to be lacking in the "friend" department.  When I turn to people for advice or a shoulder to cry on they are too busy etc....  After my first treatment yesterday, I received calls from several of my friends to check on me and see how I was doing, and if they could bring me anything or something to help.  So nice to know that you are loved by those that around me.  I am grateful for the friends that always seem to love me, care for me, call at the moment I am at my whits end etc.....  I love that I have people to fall back on, to call in a lurch, to trust with all my problems that I continue to have to deal with.  I love them dearly. 

I am Thankful for......10

I am thankful for
The priesthood, Thursday night my dad, brother and grandfather all came over and gave me a beautiful blessing.  The hold the power to act in God's name here on the earth.  It brings me peace that my life will be ok.  I was specifically told that Heavenly Father is pleased with what I am doing in YW, that is huge right now.  With my new calling it has made me doubt myself several times if I am doing the right thing, I am glad that I know I am on the right track.  I am glad my dad, my brother, my grandfather are worthy to hold to priesthood, and worthy to give me the blessing I received. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I am Thankful for ...... 9

Today I am thankful for
Warm Weather it tends to make my disease easier to handle.  Warm weather makes me and my body happier, I don't feel so freezing cold I can't stand it.  I hate being hot, but my body says otherwise, it tells me hot is good, hot is limber, hot is happy, hot is loose, hot is not stiff, hot is light and free...... Not really but it seriously what my body thinks so, what do you do??? 

I am Thankful for...... 8

I am thankful for
Technology that allows me to find things for my calling, for my disease, for my life quickly and easily.  I have been so amazed how much "stuff" it out there for use, I love it, I don't have to be uber creative to make things go well.  I don't have to crafty, nifty, thoughtful, loving, etc..... all in one, the computer helps me out!  Love love love technology

I am Thankful for ....... 7

I am thankful for
Modern medicine, that allows my disease to be treated and that allows my body to feel better when it works properly.  That allows my Dr to figure out what is wrong with me, and gives him options on how and what to treat me with, even when these treatments can be harmful to my health, yet good for my body and it's reactions to ironically to itself. 

I am Thanful for ...... 6

I am thankful for the
Scriptures, that open before my eyes and speak for heaven above with exactly what I need to read at the exact moment I need to read it.  God is good, no more than good, GREAT!

I am Thankful for ...... 5

I am thankful for a

Job, so many people are without work, struggling to keep their heads above water, struggling to keep their family together.  I get to work with wonderful people, and wonderful patients.  I love them so much, they make me super happy, and I am grateful to have association with them!

I am Grateful for ...... 4

I am grateful for my

Savior.  He loves me, he supports me, he picks me off of the floor when I can't seem to face my life.  He dries my tears, he listens to me complain, he understands my heartache, he understands my pain because he has been through it already.  He keeps me going when life seems pointless and too hard.  I am grateful that he picks me up and carries me when I can go no further. 

I am Grateful for ...... 3

So I am a little behind, but I am determined to get caught up. 

Family, I am grateful for my family that loves me regardless of the decisions that I make.  They support me, they listen to me vent, they handle me when I am ornery, is that a word???  I love them so much, there are several that I wish would walk toward the light.  But life must not be easy.  I must keep praying, and believing that some day they will see what they are missing out on. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meds Update

So I have been forced to make a decision about what to do.  I appears my health is spiralling down as I seem to be falling apart quickly so I have made a decision to start a new treatment that is spendy time wise (it takes 3 hrs of infusion) and dollar wise (it is about $2500 per infusion), but hopefully it will pull me out of the spiral I am in.  If things go as plan I will start treatment a week from Friday to make sure that I don't have a "bad reaction" and miss a lot of work.  Wish me luck! 

I am Thankful for........2

I am thankful for the Temple today.  I serve there about every Wednesday morning for 6-7 hrs and my life has been richly blessed because of it.  I have found renewed energy, love, compassion, strength, faith, spirit, promise, counsel, and inspiration there.  When I am at my lowest, it always lifts me, makes me feel like there is a real reason to keep living, a real reason to get up in the morning, a real reason to have faith, that those things that have been promised to me will happen.  I don't know how to long I could have held on without this blessing in my life! 

I am Thankful for.......1

So I missed yesterday but I am Thankful for so many things I can't miss out on doing this again this year.

So day one I am thankful for my life, my circumstance, everything that I have on my plate I am thankful for.  It is building me into someone that can survive anything.  I keep reading my blessing and realizing how much harder my life can get.  How can I affect all mankind???  I am thankful for me, my life, my experience that is going on right now, everyday until it is over.  Some days it sucks, some days it is such a blessing.  I find it crazy to say that but so true in moments that I feel "tender mercies" from the Lord.