Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tomatoes again and Cinnamon Apples

So I decided I had to try Red Hot Cinnamon apples, so I peeled and cored and cut up a 1/2 bushel of apples and did them. They look gorgeous! Here they are ready to load the bottles
The sauce cooking on the stove.

The finished product, doesn't that look yummy!

Bottled and ready to use, yummy, yummy!!!

More tomatoes from my garden ready to be bottled and processed
The onions I harvested from my garden last Friday, don't they look so pretty. I didn't know that it took so long for onions to grow, I have had these planted since the 2nd week in May in seed form and they are just ready!

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  1. It is almost November....let the veggies go. Besides your making the rest of us look bad.