Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Young Women, Magnet Boards and Magnets

So last week in Young Women's we had a "Stick to your standards night" and made magnet boards and magnets. It was so much fun to see how creative and innovative the girls were. Below are the 2 magnets that I made and the board that I painted.

Jorie made her board for her sister who's favorite colors are purple and green.

Sarah and Karley cheesin it up!

Yes that is me in my PJ's I didn't want to get my nice clothes dirt so PJ's it was

Katelyn and her way cute board, she hates to have her picture taken so I was happy to have this one of her!


  1. THat was such a great night. I am so glad I have you and Lynn who are talented in just the right stuff....everything!

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