Friday, October 30, 2009

Books Books Books

As many of you know I love to read. I haven't had much time to read for the last couple of years and I was determined to start reading again. I have so much on my plate that I had to give up useless stuff for the time to do it. I have read about 10 books in the last couple of months. I finally finished up the Ranger's Apprentice series (so far). This is a great fun and adventurous series, if you haven't read it you should. I just read the new book Syren which is part of the Sepatimus Heap books. Shannon Hale came out with another book in the Goose Girl books, I don't call this a series, but the books are all related. I finished a quick read called Runner about a kid who starts making money by picking up packages on the beach for someone and getting paid for it. It turns out that the packages have plastic explosives in it and is going to be used for a terrorist attack. There are so many books out there but they are wonderful and I love to read.

I there for would like to recommend a book that I pick-up on a whim at Barnes and Noble. It is a young adult novel called "A Northern Light". It is a mystery and a story about growing up in the 1800's in a rural vacation town. I found the book inspiring and loved the development of the characters.

I am just trying to finish the book for our YW's book club called Shakespeare's Secret written by Elise Broach. In fact it is also a mystery and I just finished and I loved it. Highly recommend it because I was engrossed once I got it started.

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