Thursday, October 15, 2009

YW Johnny Lingo Luau

We started out the night watching Johnny Lingo and then the Brown family came to show us how to Hula dance. This is her showing us one of her dances, it was amazing!

Sister Newbold really got into it and loved to Hula!

Sister Hill and Carley trying to keep up with the teacher! The Brown girls were great teachers and they had us dancing a whole dance in a matter of 15 minutes, it was great.

Camille having lots of fun.

All the girls learning the dance.
The Brown girls performing a dance together, it was so neat, I had such a great time just watching them.

We had slushies and fruit kabob's for refreshments, they were delicious.

Sarah, Karley, Sister Jensen, and me.

Sister Farley and me doing the Limbo, that is how we finished up the night. It was great! I am totally not flexible, and that was as low as I got, but I had fun even if I looked a lot like a geek!

Sister Jensen won the leaders limbo contest. She is so cute and so much fun the girls love her!

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  1. You are totally the best YW leader in the world. You are so fun!