Wednesday, October 28, 2009

YW Halloween Party

OK last night we had our ward Halloween Party that the YW & YM provide the entertainment for. The Miamaids set up this really cool photo stop so people could have the pictures taken. It was a success. This is one of the YW dressed up, I thought she looked like a Ranger Apprentice.

Here is me (the orange fairy), McKayla, and Megan. So much fun
Face painting was a hit!

This was a fun spider game the kids tried to throw things into. Saydee did a great job keeping the kids going.

This is Maylin (my friend Laurel's daughter) trying to hit the pinata that the YM put together.

Mom Grandma and Grandpa Robinson hanging out!

Fish Pond!

Laurel, Lynn and me. What a fabulous night. I had a great time!

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  1. So loving the photo of Nini. I didn't even see her try!!! THanks for getting it. It was fun. I am tired and Alex has had the runs ALL day. Great shots!