Friday, May 28, 2010

YW's Watch our Movies, Mormon Bar

On Tuesday we had a great activity. We watched the movies we had made the week before, and we had a Mormon bar, where we taught the girls how to make homemade strawberry lemonade, we also talked about standing as a witness and how we can do a better job of standing up for what we believe. The girls had a lot of fun! I was impressed they did a great job!

Showing Whitney how to squeeze the lemons

Getting started!

Rolling the lemons to help them release their juices!

Sarah has this thing with knifes! She is so funny!

Whitney zesting the lemon with her name left as the impression!

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  1. Thanks for doing that! I didn't worry a bit about it. Nice to know whenyou are away, things are left in great hands. I just realized I forgot the cake for Sarah L.!!! I am loosing it...really.

    Looks like fun!