Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's been awhile

So it's been awhile since I have posted, summer has been crazy busy and fun and depressing all in the same sentence.

I went for blood work last week, and my inflammation markers are up 0.2, the exact # they were down last time so that is a bummer of huge proportions.  Oh well I will carry on. 

What have I been up too you ask?  Lots of YW, Family, and Holidays.  All kinds of fun

 Jonathan and his family all decked out in sunglasses
 Baby Pigs at the family reunion
 Can you see the baby bird in the nest?  So cute
 Whitney's birthday cake, she is wearing the hat I gave her for her birthday!
 Young Women playing croquet at my house, it was all kinds of fun
 Kids all lined up to watch fireworks on Pioneer Holiday so cute!
 My brothers the pyromaniacs
 The last hurrah of the fireworks
 Clara and Timmy watching the fireworks
 Young women boating trip to Deer Creek, wake boarding and the girls cheering her on!

 Playing in the water
 Leaders on the tube having fun
 Tube wipe out
I think they are going over!

Well that is how my summer has gone by, quickly I may add!  Here is to cooler weather and fun fall activities and traditions!

1 comment:

  1. Finally!

    Love all the fun things you have done.

    Sorry that you stayed the same as before all the tests, but you could have gone up like .4 which would have been an increase from the beginning, but .2 just evens you out.

    You are awesome!!!!!