Saturday, May 1, 2010


So today we went to a card class at Kathy Hudson's house. We made some amazing cards and 2 way awesome crafts. I was excited to go and Kathy did not disappoint. I have been almost in a haze lately and I think this is what I needed to get my self out of it.

For all of you that have been wondering about my health. It is ok, not great, but not horrible. I recently saw a rheumatologist who thinks I probably have an undifferentiated connective tissue disorder. Lots of big words that could mean a lot of different things. I recently have had more issues with my heart which makes me worry, but I guess it probably just mean either surgery or medication. Then there is my knee's which could possibly both need surgery for a second time. Not something that I am looking forward too, I think I can deal with the pain for quite awhile before that becomes a must do. This is all on top of getting a new manager at work and dealing with issues surrounding that.

My plate feels really full, but I know that I am blessed beyond what I deserve. I know that part of this is because I am making time every week to attend the temple. A couple of hours there and I feel like I can go on, I can be ok, that life will be ok.

On a lighter note, a study came out this week showing that people who eat chocolate everyday are depressed. I guess that makes me depressed, but it also makes almost everyone that I know depressed! I got a kick out of it, and I really think that if you are not eating chocolate everyday, that would be depressing, so bring on the chocolate!

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  1. Okay, so the knee won't kill you. I agree you can wait on that, BUT THE HEART? Hello?!!! Let's do something now, baby!!!

    I must be depressed too. After reading this I need some chocolate.