Friday, April 30, 2010

YW Happy UnBirthday Party

On Wednesday we had our annual Happy UnBirthday Party for the Miamaids. It was great fun this year. The presidency planned three amazing games, we did a service project of Birthday Bags for the battered women's shelter, and we have a fun gift exchange followed by cake and punch. It was great, thanks to everyone who helped out, it was much appreciated!
Cathy playing the first game, and the table set-up with the stuff for the bags on it!

Meagan and Breeanna getting into the game

McKayla explaining how her game worked

Syd getting ready to tear into the paper wrapped game

At one point everyone got about 2 seconds to try to get it open, before it got passed to the next person who rolled a seven or doubles.

After stuffing the bags the girls made the look really cute with curling ribbon.

Jorie got super creative and weaved the ribbon through the bag, it was super cute!

We then played a game where you all sat in a circle and the person standing had to say something they had never done then everyone who had done it had to change seats, who ever was left without a seat was the next up. It was lots of fun!

Sister Johnson running for a seat

We then did a fun thing with the gift exchange, it was a blast! Everyone wore the hat while they picked their gift, this is my friend Laurel, she is so great! She is the 1st counselor over us and we couldn't do it with out her!

Cute Clara, she is one of our newest class members!

Opening gifts! It was great!

Party punch, that the girls remember from last year! It is super delicious!

Marbled cake, it was good, I just wish I had done better with the decorating.

Katelyn, also pretty new, she is fabulous with bows! She has a great smile too!

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  1. You get an A++! It was so fun! I loved every single minute of it! I love you!!!!!