Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Easter

So a lot of you know that we always have a big "thing" for Easter. This year was no exception. We even had a few unexpected guest from out of town, it was so wonderful to see Aunt Carol and Uncle Merrill and get to talk with them and find out how their family is doing!

We stuck with tradition and had a wonderful meal of ham, potatoes, salads, and of course deviled eggs (I put too much powdered mustard in them) so they were spicy but yummy. We finished off with Lemon-Lime Cupcakes and a Strawberry Whip Cream Cake to celebrate Hunters Birthday the next day! We has a lot of fun with an Easter Quest, they had to find their basket and them find a certain color of eggs and a certain number of other things! it was great!
Grandpa talking with everyone!
Timmy and Tasha serving up the food!

Our out of town guest's Uncle Merrill and Aunt Carol!
Hunter and LaNece dishing up!

Jonathan, Evets, Garrett, Clara and impromptu family picture!

The kids were getting ready to go out, it was quite cold, Taylor is in Timmy's work coat! It looks a little bit huge!

Tatum bundled up and ready to go!
Garrett with a bucket on his head! Nice peace out sign Taylor!

Whitney patiently waiting

Brooks is a little topsy turvey!

Everyone out and about looking for eggs!

Tatum found another pink egg, she got to find all the pink eggs!

Garrett found a yellow egg up in the tree!

Garrett lays out all of his eggs to make sure he found them all!

Whitney going through her basket to find what cute stuff she got!

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