Friday, April 9, 2010

Lemon-Lime Cupcakes

So for last couple of weeks I have wanted to make these cupcakes. I found some cute key limes at the grocery store and had to have them. What do you get when you take a basic Vanilla Cupcake and fill it with Lemon-Lime curd and top it with Sweet lemon-line frosting?? Heaven on earth, tart and sweet and yummy all in one bite! I loved these and so did almost everyone who tried them. In fact my mom wants the lemon-lime curd for her birthday!

The Curd just out of the fridge ready to put into the cupcakes.

After cutting out the centers of the cupcakes, I piped in the curd.

Then I piped on the frosting and finished them off with a little lemon and lime zest! Simply delicious!

Doesn't it look so cute on my plate!


  1. Those were amazing! Oh I wish I had the baking talent that you have. Thanks for always sharing your yummy treats with me!