Saturday, January 16, 2010

Raspberry Rolls My Own Creation

So a couple weeks before Christmas I was reading the paper and I found a great recipe for Raspberry rolls. I decided I would make them for Christmas morning. Well I remembered a couple of the ingredients but I could not remember them all, and the paper that I had set aside disappeared. So i got on-line and looked for a similar recipe but I could not find any thing that used raspberry pie filling or a cream cheese filling. So I took 3 different recipes that I found and combined the things I wanted and made the raspberry rolls. What happened was a wonderful creation that my family raved about, too bad I didn't take a picture of the original batch but I have made them since and they have been wonderful! I hope to post the recipe soon for everyone so you can try. It starts with an oatmeal dough filled with a cream cheese mixture and raspberry pie filling, topped with cream cheese frosting. Simple delicious!

These are the rolls raised in the pan and ready to go into the hot oven.

This is the pan just out of the oven.

Frosted and ready to eat! Yummy Yummy!

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  1. Sheesh....those look amazing! You had better post the recipe.