Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Years Eve

Whitney is now camera shy and does not like her picture taken. I usually take it anyways.
New Years Eve always is an event at our house that I love. We have food, games, family, and fun. What more could you ask for? Maybe a little picture cooperation.

LaNece and Clara, she is looking way cute and squishy.

Clara wants the camera, she is so cute. We had everyone this year, Stan and Janet and their crew, Kailee from Arizona, Julie and Greg and Allie and their friends the Bell's who we have had over at multiple events and love their company.

Evets and Clara

Julie and Susan Bell, and Whitney who doesn't know I am taking a picture.

Brad Bell, Morgan, Greg, Allie, and Aubrey a friend of Greg's from work.

Tasha and Evets and mom in the background

Brooks, Hunter and Taylor playing the Wii

Stan and Natalie and the group playing BS, it got quite competitive.

Kailee, Lori, Leslie, and Janet part of the BS crowd they look deep in thought.

Allie, Julie, Morgan, Aubrey, LaNece, Mom we were playing the marathon round of Nerts and loving every minute of it. We were pretty tired by this point.
The night was great, great food, great people, great fun. Hope to see you all again next year. And for those of you that have forgotten we are have a monthly game night at our house the third Friday of every month. That means we will be starting next week! Hope to see you all there.


  1. You definately have the PARTY house! Wow. Very cool.

  2. You have the best parties. Can I come and be part of your family. I love to party and play games. Looks like so much fun. That game night you will be having sounds awesome. See you next week. Again I love looking at your blog. Makes me feel more like I stay in touch with you and know what you are up to.