Saturday, January 16, 2010

Young Womens Etiquette Dinner

When the teachers leader's approached us about doing an etiquette dinner we thought it would be a great activity. We were even more excited when the leaders told us they would handle the food if we would talk about etiquette, way awesome. What happened was a great experience for us as leaders and for the young women and young men. Here we have the young women getting the table's set up for the dinner. When we got to the room the young men escorted the young women to the table, the pulled out the chairs and observed great manners. I was very impressed with their attentiveness and they were very engaging with conversation with the girls.

Here I am talking about etiquette and trying to explain the basics and in some cases the common courtesy that the up and coming generation has lost. We talked about cell phones, silverware, place setting, ordering etiquette, napkins, boy's responsibilities etc... We even talked about conversation ideas, what to talk about and how to start a good conversation. It was wonderful and insightful for me and I think everyone there. We all seemed to learn something we didn't know.

We had a couple of the boys who are still pretty afraid of the girls and ended up leaving, but we are glad that they came.
Here is Brother Hirschi serving up the first course.

Gerika and Whitney, the girls are absolutely beautiful! I love them so much!
Dallin next to them was so proper and stood up every time someone got up!

Brother Jensen and Brother Hirschi getting the food prepared and served up.

Sister Austin and Sister Farley just getting ready to eat the first course.

Sister Hill and Sister Farley engaged in friendly conversation.

Me and Sister Wade, I got to know her a lot better this night!

Karley and Sarah all dressed up they make me smile!

Megan our newest Mia Maid! We are so excited to have her!

Here I am trying to help Dustin as Cathy looks on with getting the spaghetti on the fork. We advised them to order food that doesn't require a lot to eat so they don't get it on themselves or others!
At the end the boys cleaned up, picked up all the table and got things back in proper order.

Thanks to the teacher's group! This was an awesome activity!

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  1. Holy crap....what is this super blog day? Cute pictures. I am glad you brought your camera. I had so much fun that night.