Friday, January 1, 2010

One Year Older

One year older and wiser too, Happy Birthday to Me. It seems like the year fly's by and I am getting older, I feel older, but for some reason I am not concerned about it??? I guess that is a good thing? I am not quite sure, but I will keep you up to date. The first day of the year is usually one for setting goals and starting diets and other stuff. Since my birthday is on the first of the year I always start my goals/diets/whatever on Jan 7th. So watch for those upcoming.

We had a great time last night and when I have a chance I will be posting pictures soon.

If I didn't see you last night at midnight, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. Loved all the new pictures. I still need to get around to posting my pictures. I hope to do it this week. Looks like you had a lot of fun over the holidays. I love looking at your pictures and all that you do.

  2. Happy B-day you old lady, you! Hee hee hee. You know I can say that since I am about a DECADE older than you. I think you look fab and not a day over 29. :)