Sunday, December 27, 2009

Temple Square

We did our annual Temple Square trip the week before Christmas this year. We always go down to see the lights and we usually eat at Little America at the coffee shop. We kept with tradition this year and had dinner and got on the Trax and rode down to Temple Square for a night of beauty and reflection. I rather enjoyed myself, we were missing Dad and Timmy do to work issues but overall it was great!

Whitney, Tasha, Nathan trying to decided what to eat

Jonathan and his family in front of the Temple

Hunter, Mom, Taylor, Garrett, Evets and Clara

The temple with the lights

Everyone got there picture in the orange light by the assembly hall, no one else was around it was pretty cool.

Nathan, Tasha and family in front of the red tree

The Temple beneath the red tree
Jonathan and Clara

The kids all wanted to touch the Temple so they climbed up the stairs and got to see how amazing it is up close

Mom happy as can be

The nativity that they had set up in the reflecting pool was beautiful and touching

Tasha, Nathan and family in front of the Temple

We made one last stop to watch the Nativity which was wonderful

The Temple in all it's glory

Me and Taylor getting ready to leave

Clara asleep in her stroller

Whitney and me waiting for the Trax train to pick us up again.

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