Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I am Thankful for 17....18....19....20

I am determined to finish this so today I am thankful for

#17 I am thankful for warm socks straight from the dryer that seem to make my ever cold feet warm for a few minutes.

#18  I am thankful for hands that lift and words that humble and seemingly small and simple things that make my life so much happier and so very much more inspired. 

#19 I am thankful for Christmas trees and light and decorations that allow me to take my mind off of the things that are pulling my life off of course.  I love Christmas it makes me happy even when I seem to struggle against a load I can not pull.

#20  I am thankful for the tender mercies I have received from the Lord today, I have finally understood a part of my patriatical blessing that has always thrown me for a loop.  President Christensen talked about the pre-mortal life today in prayer meeting, it was like Heavenly Father was talking right at me, I can't explain how overcome I was afterwards it took me several minutes to get myself back to normal.  I can't give enough thanks for it......Some how President Christensen's words have pierced my heart and tears run down my face even now as I write this......The Lord know me, he must know me, and what I need right now it is him right near to lean on for support as I try to make it through what I am attempting to make it through right this minute.....

Stay tuned, I will finish this!

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