Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I am Thankful for...... 8

I am thankful for
Technology that allows me to find things for my calling, for my disease, for my life quickly and easily.  I have been so amazed how much "stuff" it out there for use, I love it, I don't have to be uber creative to make things go well.  I don't have to crafty, nifty, thoughtful, loving, etc..... all in one, the computer helps me out!  Love love love technology


  1. Okay! You are amazing. Love all the things you are thankful for. I haven't had time to think about anything, not that I am ungrateful, just super, duper busy.

    I am sorry your health is getting worse. I really hope the new treatment helps. I will be praying for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey, my security code word was DOGGLET! Is that another word for puppy?