Thursday, November 11, 2010

Add-on to 30 Days of Thanks #11

So after reading this I didn't feel like I really expressed myself well thus the Add on!

Today I am thankful for love. There are so many kinds of love. Our Savior's love, our family's love, the love we have for friends, the love and compassion I feel for the cute people who come into my clinic! I know that we all have to go through the bad to see the good, so I have know the heart break, maybe it's time for me to know the other. Just a thought.

The different kinds of love in my life pull me in so many directions. Our Savior's love is so complete and eternal that at times I don't feel worthy of it. I know he loves me no matter what, but at times I fall short in my commitments to him and I feel unworthy of that kind of love. It is that love though that keeps me recommitting to be better, do better, try harder and tough it out (even when I feel like I can't try anymore)!

My family's love is equally as sweet, I know that my parents love me and would do just about anything for me that they can. I have the same issues with this love as the first, I don't feel worth of it. There are many times that I fall short of my parents expectations and I feel that I don't deserve it. They are always there though too. I know when I am orny and snappy, that they must question their love for me. I hope that my life will amount to something that they are proud of!

The love I feel for my friends and the love they express to me keeps me going day by day. When I have a bad day, there are 2 or so people I know that I can call for sure and they will make my day better. They will listen to my ranting and raving and try to make things better for me. What they don't realize is how much I rely on their wisdom and compassion to make some pretty big decisions in my life.

And the last kind of love I don't really know too much about, I do understand how much love I have for my niece's and nephews and I can imagine that that kind of love is similar to that!

So I think now I have really expressed what my original intent was!

Love you all!

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