Friday, November 19, 2010

30 Days of Thanks #19

Today this is going to sound really worldly, but I am thankful for Harry Potter.  I had a great opportunity to see the new one last night at 7:45pm, I didn't even have to stay up until midnight.  It was so awesome!  All the hype and controversy led up to it, when in reality, I am not sure that I would even call what they were saying "nudity" was actually nudity?  Go figure, my standards over the last year or so have increased dramatically to the point that I don't normally go see PG-13 movies because they are really rated R.  Harry Potter was scary and dark, but not bad in my eyes.  I would recommend it to those who feel like they can handle a little bit of scary, dark, and dreary.  Well done, well acted, well everything.  I give it **** 1/2 stars. 

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