Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Days of Thanks #1

Today I am thankful for a Living Prophet's. Even Thomas S Monson and the quorum of the 12. Every time I hear them speak I am constantly inspired to be better, to do more, to be happy (opposite of what I have been feeling lately). I have been listening to conference talks in the car and on my day off. I know that they speak with God and receives guidance to lead us in the direction that we need to head. I know that a lot is being said about a recent conference talk. I have prayed and received confirmation that what was said is correct. I support President Packer and will continue to. I am so grateful that in these crazy, scary, and doubtful times that I can receive revelation for my life and confirmation that all is well. I am so happy that I can strive to be more like my Savior, Jesus Christ, and that I can change. Through the revelations that we receive in General Conference, we all can receive an "extra portion" of the Spirit by following the counsel that we receive.

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