Wednesday, August 25, 2010

YW Virtue the Amazing Race

The combined YW activity was so much fun! Laurel found it on the Internet and we knew we had to do it. She was released a couple of weeks before which put a huge load on our new person, they ended up having Laurel help and it turned out great! The girls had tons of fun, it requires a lot of leaders though so if you do it make sure you get help from everyone and maybe even ask some of the girls mom's to help out! The girls were amazing to see them work together and to see how everyone finished! It was a great end to a wonderful career. I still will have to hit her up for ideas!

The girls trying to figure out the ancient writing on the golden V's from the baseball field!

Rods and rivers, chutes and ladders

Trying to find the 1 piece of rice that is red and get the blind folded person to gasp just that one!

Working hard to get a stain out, little did they know it was impossible and they would have to visit and chat with the bishop!

Can you put a section of scripture in the right order? This was much harder then the girls thought it would be, but the got it eventually!

The race to read, everyone had to read 1 or 2 chapters depending if they had read their scriptures in the last 24 hrs

Finding our virtue flag from last year and almost to the end of the race!

Our winning team with Laurel who ended everyone and gave them treats! They did a great job!

V is for Victory!

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