Wednesday, August 25, 2010

YW Budget activity and Cook off

So last night we had a budget and cook-off activity! We talked about keys to managing money and then gave the girls money and had them shop for stuff to make dinner. (we had brought stuff from our pantries and the store labeled with prices) They were given $7 to feed the 4 or five people in each group! They all agreed on what to cook and make and then went to it! I think they learned a lot and had a lot of fun. If they fill out the Teen Budget form we gave them and live within that budget for 3 months it passes off a personal progress goal!

Trying to decide what to make with the money that they have.
Grocery shopping can be hard with so many different opinions!

The first group cooking away, they made a pretty simple meal of top ramen, corn, oranges, french bread and brownies! The other group finally decided on Chicken alfredo and brownies. It was fun to see them working together and challenging each other for thing that they wanted!

Thumbs up from the picky eater of the group!

Licking the beaters

and having a clean plate, it was delicious

Syd was so cute she played with Sister Lamaster's kids outside. She is such a beautiful girl and she is so great with the kids, she will be an awesome mom!

Everyone enjoyed the brownies, we then took the left over brownies around to the girls who were unable to attend! It was a fun night!

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  1. Wow. Sad I missed it. I am glad it turned out well. I miss you!