Friday, April 2, 2010

YW Homemaking olympics

On Tuesday we had the Homemaking Olympics and had Fondue for refreshments. It was great to see the girls get excited and work together as a team. They had to sew a button on a shirt, iron the shirt, sort laundry, get a stain out of 2 pieces of kids clothing, grind wheat, and make butter. Everyone got involved and it was a lot of fun. It was Karley's birthday and we sang to her and put a candle in cream puff. It was a great night!

Grinding the wheat as fast as they can.
Karley shaking the cream into butter

Ashlan sewing on a button

McKayla and Syd on stain patrol.

Sarah and Saydee ironing a shirt

Megan and McKenzie's distress over losing.

The winner's with their prized trophies

Karley's Happy Birthday Cream Puff

Gerika eating a ginormous strawberry!

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