Friday, April 2, 2010

Uncle Greg's Suprise Birthday Party

This morning I went to my uncle Greg's work and we had a surprise 40th birthday party. He had one for my aunt Julie and this was payback for that. It was a lot of fun. They made a huge sign, here Julie and Aubrey are hanging it up.

Balloons and fun

Brooks was ready to eat!

Tatum is so cute.

Everyone waiting for him to come in.

Greg just coming in, he was totally surprised he didn't think anything would happen until Saturday
LaNece getting the kids dished up and ready to eat. Julie had Kneaders cater french toast and fresh fruit. It was yummy yummy.

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  1. Seriously? YOu have a great family. I didn't go to any of my uncles 40th b-day parties. To my credit, they all lived out of state.