Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy UnBirthday Party

My Basement all decorated and ready for the Party thanks to help from Laurel Hill.
The balloons full of confetti ready to be popped and CTR ring to be found.

The double sided cake.
The opposite side of the cake

Katelyn, Whitney, Carley, Gerika

Someone thought Mckayla was the Temple and put Moroni on her head.
Sister Hill placing her Moroni on the Temple

The popped balloons and confetti on the floor.

Cathy and Syd opening their gifts

Karley and Sarah all dressed up and ready to party

We had a Happy Un-birthday party in Young Women's the Tuesday after I got back. It was awesome and lots of fun. We played place the Moroni on the Temple, Find the Hidden CTR ring in the balloons full of confetti, and a gift exchange game. One of our Young Women made a great cake. It was a super fun night!

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  1. Thanks for the great idea of an Un-birthday party. You are so CLEVER!!!!