Sunday, October 4, 2009

Crab apple Jelly with Garrett

When we watched Garrett on Friday I recruited him to help me make Crab apple jelly. We went out and picked the crab apples and then came the hard work, here we are with all of our crab apples that we picked.
Garrett helped me wash the crab apples and wanted to help me cut them up but he is not old enough to help with that yet.

Garrett and his big cheesy smile, I love him so much.

Then Garrett said take the picture again so I can have a sad face, so that is what is up with this picture.

This is the crab apples cooking!

After 3-4 hrs of juicing I ended up with 10 cups of juice, it was 1 am so I covered it and put it in the fridge to finish off on Saturday.

This is Garrett with the finished product, he took home 1 or 10 half pints of jelly.

This is the finished product, it really is a pretty color and is pretty good tasting too!


  1. MMM Yum! Send some my way! Holey moley that boy has gotten big!!