Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yummy Yummy Food So Far

Dinner at the Eclipse restaurant at the Hotel, we hadn't eaten all morning and we were STARVING! I think I has one of the best meals I have ever eaten! Me and Mom

Mom and her Crab Cakes, she was stuffed when we got done and she said they were delicious
My Rib eye steak, was the close to the best steak I have ever had, tender and juicy and well aged!

Dinner at Elephant & Castle Pub in DC. Me all hyped up after the march and again starving!
Lovely Chicken Potpie, it was delicious

Mom's Fish and Chips were divine!
Mom and The Ben Franklin Tower Sundae! This was so good, it could have stayed and eaten this over and over again!

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  1. Good thing I just finished eating....or I would been starving! Wow. You guys have been eating like queens!