Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mount Vernon

Me and mom waiting for the bus to take us to Mount Vernon, we had already been on the Metro for about an hour!

Me and mom standing out in front of Mount Vernon, there was this really nice guy from France that we met while we were waiting for the bus and he offered to take our picture.

The Beautiful Mansion of Mount Vernon.

Mom and Me on the deck of the "Memorial of Mount Vernon" boat getting ready to take a 45 minute tour up the Potomac river. It was stunning and well worth the $7, Kudos to the French Man who told us about this!

Fort Washington, on the other side of the Potomac, it's walls have never been breached, they are 12 feet thick at the top.
Me and Mom on the "Forest Path". It was a wonderful look and the forest and what it looks like, there was also a lot of historical facts up the pathway! Like who knew there were Forest Bison that use to roam there, they were rare even during Washington's time there.

Mom and Me on the porch of Mount Vernon Mansion with the overlook of the Potomac River behind us. The view was stunning, I could have sat there for hours and just took in the serenity of it all!
Overall, I didn't want to visit Mount Vernon, but I was totally wrong, it was a lovely experience well worth the $15 entrance fee. The other nice thing about Mount Vernon is that it is not in anyway paid for or supported by any government (federal or state) entity. It is paid for totally by sponsors and donor's, a testament to many of our other historical sites that you can make it without the Government imposing their views on you! More tomorrow!


  1. I loved Mt. Vernon. One of the highlights of my trip. I am glad you liked it too!

    YW went fine today. A few things of interest. Miranda Workman is moving.....and......Erin Barnum. Today they announced their mom got enganged yesterday and they are getting married on Friday. They are going to Ogden where is 4 kids from a first marriage lives. This was their last Sunday. Tuesday will be their last activity. Trying to figure out what to do as a good-bye. I know I will print off the pictures of her, but any ideas on what else? I hope it works. Sad to loose her.

    The activity is great for Tuesday. The presidency came up with FAB questions and challenges!!! The LAurel's are coming too. They seniors have a senior night at school, so they just put the younger Laurel's with us. Sierra and Erica were thrilled.

    They loved their b-day stuff! The signs were a hit. That reminds me, I need to go get them from their lawns....bye! ANd this is Laurel, not Alex.

  2. Wanted to tell you one more thing....we talked about you in our lesson today. We were talkign about standing up for peer pressure and what a good example of this you were being in DC standing up for what you believed. Thanks for adding to the lesson!