Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WWII Memorial

Mom and me in front of the WWII memorial.

This saying was simply beautiful, I was in tears.

The wall of stars, there are 4,000 total each representing over 100 soldiers killed in the war. Over 400,000 American Soldiers who sacrificed everything!
A great shot of the memorial. I commented to Mom how it long over due and said that many of the survivors did not get to see the memorial, as we were walking around I noticed an older gentleman wearing a WWII VET hat, he was by himself and just kind of wondering around, several times I wanted to approach him and thank him, but I didn't want to interrupt his time or detract. So as we were walking out, he was too and I rushed to grab him. I told him Thank You, and his comment to me was that people my age never remember or realize the sacrifice that they gave. I told him I was trying to help fix that and he again urged me to remember. Even as I write this 2 days later, I am in tears. What a sad day, to have to be rebuked by someone who gave so much. It was a true wake up call that I will not forget.

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