Sunday, September 20, 2009

The National Holocaust Museum

The building of the Holocaust Museum
Mom and me in front of the museum
This was a very moving/depressing/informative journey. The museum does not allow photography so we don't have any pictures of the inside but it was beautiful. There were several exhibits going on at the time we came. The main exhibit that we visited gave a lot of information, and I learned a lot. For instance, the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto buried milk cans full of information, pictures and personal accounts of what was going on, and what was happening to them. They had one of the original milk cans and several of the pieces of information that were in it. They also had a rail car which was used to transport Jew to concentration camps. One of the most touching displays for me was one of the breeze ways from building to building that was engraved with the names of Cities that no longer exists or that were wiped out do to the fact that they were Jewish cities and ALL of their citizens were killed.

To all of you that have not been to the museum, when you enter the exhibit they give you a passport that has information about real people and their account of that time. It ultimately tells you what happened to you and where you were etc... The woman that I chose lived, she was a child in Romania (who was allied with Germany), so even though she was Jewish and lived in a ghetto, she made it. Mom's women was not so lucky, she perished in Auschwitz (sorry I know that is not spelled right) concentration camp while waiting for a Visa to the USA.

This was worth the visit, I am glad that we went, it is important that we never forget what happened. When we forget the past, we are destine to repeat it.

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