Monday, September 28, 2009

The Freer Gallery, is a gallery that specializes in Oriental Art. Of the 36,000 pieces only about 5% was on display to see. I thought this would have been one of my favorite art galleries that we saw, but after a really long winded tour guide, and only seeing 3 pieces of art we decided he was not the right person for us. It is amazing that he was so knowledgeable, but do I really need to spend 25+mins looking at 1 Japanese screens? Then he had to go on and on about the Buddha and how he became enlightened which if I was in a Buddhist history class I am sure would have been fascinating, but we were looking at some old stone carvings for Afghanistan which were so Way Cool!.

This is a guard statue that would have stood at the gates of a Buddhist Temple to keep out the bad spirits out. It was beautifully carved wood that was about 1200 yrs old, amazing that it still exists.

This was the beautiful illustrations that went with poetry. They were fascinating and really cool.

This was a awesome lacquar screen with inlaid mother of peal fans it was breath taking.

This was the weirdest thing we saw at the Freer Gallery. It is called the Peacock room. A friend of Freer asked him to do some updated decorating of his dinning room, and this is what happened, I would have loved to hear the other side of that conversation! The whole room was green and blue and look at the ceiling and this intricate design of that! WOW

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